Motorsport: Driver spokesman on Formula 1 affairs: We want transparency

Motorsport: Driver spokesman on Formula 1 affairs: We want transparency

The sporting aspect takes a back seat due to various affairs in Formula 1. This upsets the drivers. Your union boss takes a stand.

Mercedes driver George Russell, who is also chairman of the Formula 1 drivers’ union, has called for clarity in the affair surrounding allegations against FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem.

The 26-year-old Brit also expressed his regret that at the start of the current season, topics outside the track dominated the headlines. Russell emphasized in the paddock in Jeddah before the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix: “Racing should always be the priority. That’s what we’re here for, that’s what we love.” But it’s a shame that that’s not the case right now.

After the affair surrounding Red Bull’s team boss Christian Horner had overshadowed Formula 1 since the beginning of February and had recently escalated into a power struggle within the world champion team, allegations against Ben Sulayem arose before the second race of the season. The 62-year-old head of the International Automobile Association is being investigated by the association’s ethics committee, among other things, for allegedly influencing a Formula 1 race.

Did Ben Sulayem intervene in races?

He is said to have helped ensure that a penalty against Spanish Aston Martin driver Fernando Alonso in Jeddah was overturned last year. As a result, Alonso moved back up to third place and Russell back to fourth place. “We were surprised when the result was changed again a year ago,” said Russell at the scene of the event.

In addition, according to the media, the FIA ​​President is accused of further violations in office. He is said to have demanded in the preseason that the new race track in Las Vegas be denied approval by the world association. According to further reports, the financial behavior of the official and former rally driver from Dubai will also be examined by the ethics committee.

The results of the investigation should be expected in four to six weeks. “We want to see the facts, we want transparency. We want a fair and level playing field to show what we can do,” demanded Russell.

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