“Complex topic”: Marko suspension at Red Bull possible

“Complex topic”: Marko suspension at Red Bull possible
Gray Eminence Helmut Marko (APA/Groder)

“It’s difficult to judge. The theoretical possibility always exists,” said the 80-year-old Styrian, a close confidante of the late company founder Dietrich Mateschitz, in an ORF interview on Friday before the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. “Ultimately, I decide for myself what I do. It’s such a complex topic.”

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On Saturday he will have a conversation with his superior Oliver Mintzlaff, the responsible managing director at Red Bull. Marko confirmed this on the TV channel Sky. “Everything has to be right so that I want to continue working there.” World champion Max Verstappen was surprised about going public. “I didn’t expect that. Without him in the team, I think there will be a problem. Also for myself, because I’ve always had a lot of trust in Helmut and that’s the case for both sides. What he has built together with Dietrich, “We shouldn’t forget either,” said Verstappen.

“We want peace in the team”

Marko has to get respect for this and is a “very important part” for the whole team, emphasized the triple champion. When asked whether Verstappen would stand up for Marko, the Dutchman replied: “Absolutely.” We’ll take a look at that next week. “I’ve said every year that everyone at Red Bull knows that for me, Helmut always has to be there,” said Verstappen, otherwise there would be “perhaps a big problem in the team.”

The decisive factor is the case surrounding team boss Christian Horner, who was allegedly accused of inappropriate behavior by an employee. The 50-year-old Englishman was acquitted after an independent, internal investigation at Red Bull, and the employee was recently suspended from the Austro racing team for dishonest behavior, according to media reports. “We want peace in the team, the World Cup will be difficult enough with 24 races and we have to concentrate on that,” emphasized Marko.

The employee involved is now seeking legal action in a civil lawsuit. “Anything that leads to a quick result is more than desirable,” said Horner about this decision, but there is currently too much fuss in the long run. The current engine supplier Honda also demanded clarity. “They want a clear statement about what really happened,” explained Marko. “The most important thing is that we get back to sports.”

Red Bull divided since Mateschitz’s death

According to sources close to Red Bull, the company has been divided since the death of mastermind Mateschitz. The Thai majority owners, the Yoovidhya family, are said to be supporting Horner, while the Austrian faction reportedly wants the team boss removed from his post. Horner called for a conclusion on Thursday. “My wife and family have supported me enormously, but the interference in my family life is enough now,” he said.

There is also a lot of talk at the moment about the future of Verstappen, who has a contract with Red Bull until 2028 and was discovered by Marko. “If you were to lose him, it would be an incredible loss because many mechanics and engineers are also trying to work for Max,” said Marko, who has been tied to Red Bull until the end of 2026 since the extension in January. According to rumors, Verstappen’s contract is linked to Marko.

“He is our favorite enemy”

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff, whose team has an open seat next year following Lewis Hamilton’s departure to Ferrari, expressed his respect for Marko. “Helmut is of course not a child of sadness and is our favorite enemy. But he is a real racer. If Helmut is lost to the team, it will certainly be a loss for Red Bull. Every racer has respect for him. The performance he has as a driver is without a doubt one of the best from an Austrian,” said the Viennese on ORF.

“We no longer have any insight into what is happening and what is being said. Whether Max is tied to Helmut or not. The most important thing is that they make their decisions there or not. It is difficult to judge why this is getting so out of control “, added Wolff. But Verstappen will always drive where there is the fastest car, and that is currently the Red Bull. “I have a good relationship with Jos (Verstappen, note) and Max. But that doesn’t mean that you are on the professional side would now see a change in the short term.”

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