The forceful phrase from the president of River about the future of Demichelis

The forceful phrase from the president of River about the future of Demichelis

Jorge Brito celebrated the Argentine Super Cup title and left a phrase that marks his support for the “Millonario” coach.

The president of River, Jorge Britospoke after the consecration in the Argentine Super Cup and praised the management of Martin Demichelis in front of the team. Along these lines, he took the opportunity to highlight the sports project.

“I want Demichelis to accompany me until the end of my mandate. Absolutely. I am convinced that this is going to be the case. River is a club of excellence and the demand from members and fans is increasing and it is good that it is so.”was the forceful phrase of Brito about the future of Demichelis.

“Sometimes we say that they don’t measure us with the same yardstick as other clubs, I say that it’s fine because We put ourselves in another dimension. There are times when we win a championship and after two months it is forgotten. We are ambitious and constant demand leads us to that. “We built the best stadium in South America and we have to go for more.”defined the president in Radio La Red.

“Demichelis is very talkative, expresses what he feels, he is demanding. I often congratulate him and he tells me things that need to be improved. He is very into the search for excellence”revealed Brito.

The River squad and the transfer market, according to Brito

“We have a very balanced team, much younger than what we have had at other times. We have to give those players time”he stated.

Meanwhile, he warned: “When the transfer market arrives we will see if there is any opportunity to incorporate a quality player to strengthen a position.”

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