Mascherano does not give up and hopes to have Messi in the Olympic Games: “Hope is always there”

Mascherano does not give up and hopes to have Messi in the Olympic Games: “Hope is always there”

Javier Mascherano, coach of the Under-23 National Team, once again expressed his desire to have Messi in the Paris Games and also explained why he disaffected Brey from the call.


The coach of the Argentina Under-23 team, Javier Mascheranoinsisted today with his desire to have the star Lionel Messi in the Olympic Games and, although he stated that it will not be easy, he stressed that “hope is always there.”

“I spoke with Messi about the injury, to find out how he was. We’ll see, Leo’s case is very similar to that of the rest of the players abroad. We just have to talk and we’ll see”expressed Mascherano at a press conference before traveling to Mexico.

The DT added: “We know that there is also the Copa América, we will have to see how it ends. There is a logical difficulty which is that the footballers who play in it are going to spend a lot of time away from their clubs and that is never easy, but there is always hope”

In addition, he referred to the goalkeeper’s statements Emiliano “Dibu” Martínezthe defender Nicolas Otamendi and the midfielder Rodrigo DePaul about the chance to say present in Paris: “It’s logical, they have won everything with the National Team and the only thing they need is to win the Games. For us it is an honor and a pride that they want to be there. Then we will finish defining what needs we have.”

“Today we don’t have much of an idea of ​​the list. There is not enough time until the Games. There are kids who are in one club today and at the beginning of the season they may be in another. We will look at each case in particular”continued Mascherano.

Why did Mascherano remove Brey from the list?

Besides, Mascherano explained the absence of the goalkeeper Boca Leandro Brey on the squad list for the friendlies in Mexico.

“We discussed Leandro’s case with Boca and they told us that they had both goalkeepers injured. It is a quite special case. Beyond the fact that the priority is the National Team, it is particular. Just as we understood that (Luciano) Gondou and (Román) “Vega play with Argentinos and (Gonzalo) Luján with San Lorenzo”he indicated.

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