Attention Maradonians: Dalma confirmed that “soon” there will be a place to bring flowers to Diego

Attention Maradonians: Dalma confirmed that “soon” there will be a place to bring flowers to Diego

Soon you will be able to go and bring flowers to Maradona

“We Maradonians would love to have somewhere to go to bring a flower to Diego, where we can go and connect with him. In short, what one does with one’s loved ones. Do you think that will be possible?”Rosemblat asked, to which Dalma responded with a smile: “coming soon“.

Regarding when she realized that her father was Maradona, the actress answered: “at first they asked me ‘What does your dad do?’ And I responded ‘Play a little football well‘”. “He would pick us up from school, on birthdays, we would go to the theater. There I did realize what was generated in other people.” “I saw people crying or getting emotional and then I said ‘stop, this is weird’“Dalma recalled.

In addition, the first daughter of “10” remembered when she performed her one-woman show “La hija de Dios.” “It was a gift from my absolute love for him“commented Dalma, who remembers that when it was confirmed that the play was going to be performed, her father asked her if she was going to speak well of him. The actress mentioned that at the premiere Diego “was in the front row, but I asked that they take him out from there because I needed to breathe and not look at it.” Later, the work became a three-episode documentary series. “People tell me ‘how did you manage to do only three chapters?'” Dalma said about the series, but stated: “we gave everything we had“.

Being a Boca fan, the best legacy that Diego left Dalma

Yes, I am sick“, stated Dalma after Rosemblat asked her about the bostera inheritance that her old man left her. In addition, she added that she continues going to the box, but that with her two young daughters it gets complicated. “Azul was like a parenthesis in my life. Once I took her and it was chaos, I went with the car seat, it was anything. And then I realized that maybe a six-month-old baby doesn’t have to go to the field ”, he ironized.

“In fact, for me it was great.”my daughters to the court‘ and everything got out of control. I couldn’t even watch the game, it was like ‘someone grab these two creatures because I’m in another one’” he recalled and added: “But I was always very fond of Boca. So it was ‘well, ok, with the girls you can’t go to the field’, I watch all the games and everything. My husband traveled with Benjamín to Brazil. We live it very like this, we are very from Boca and For me it was the best inheritance he left me”, he stated.

Between Román and Macri, Diego would have chosen Román, according to Dalma Maradona

The relationship between Román and Diego was truncated, after a series of crossed statements, intensified after the resignation of Juan Román Riquelme from the national team when “Pelusa” led the national team. Regarding the current president of Boca, Dalma said: “I see Román well. Today I don’t have much of a relationship because everything that happened with my dad was kind of strange, but they were very good to us “When what happened to my father happened, when they paid him that tribute and Riquelme’s brother invited me to the box.”

riquelme maradona.jpg

Román paid tribute to Diego at his farewell in 2023.


Then, when asked who her father would have voted for in the Boca elections, Dalma hesitated: “Eh, I don’t know, you know I don’t know who he would have voted for?” However, after thinking about it, she opted for the historic 10 xeneize.”There is something about Riquelme that went from soccer player to soccer player. It is a language that could never be found with the other side,” stated the star’s daughter.

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