The trial begins against Jorge Martínez, former Boca coach, for sexual abuse

The trial begins against Jorge Martínez, former Boca coach, for sexual abuse

Jorge Martinezformer coach of the team Women’s Football of Mouthfaces an oral trial this Friday for the accusation of sexual abuse for the complaint of Florence Marcoformer press officer of the campus, which was formally issued in March 2023.

The procedure is carried out in the Oral Criminal and Correctional Court No. 22situated in Commodore Py.

The former soccer player and coach reflected his confidence in the preview to prove his innocence: “Happy, because the day has come to prove my innocence. That is the peace of mind I have. Happy that the trial is being carried out.”

Martinezwith past in Independent, Olympus and New Chicagoamong others, was firm before facing the Justice: “I’m very sure, because I’m innocent.”

For her part, the alleged victim highlighted the importance of talking about these sensitive topics: “I hope that abuse, harassment and violence stop being naturalized, that they begin to be given their rightful place, especially in a space like the one I found myself in, which is that of women’s football.”

The complaint is about simple sexual abuse, a crime that carries a sentence of six months to four years in prison.

The case is handled by the judge Sergio Paduczakwho will preside over the trial, highlighting the seriousness of the accusations faced by Martinez. The lawyer of Frame, Andrea Luncagliolistressed the importance of the process: “Only one judge will intervene, due to the seriousness of the crime.”

In parallel, the victim, who provided her services to Mouth for 11 years, he is currently on leave and receiving psychological treatment.

“I apologize for not talking much. I owe it to Justice. When the hearing is over we can talk what we want”outlined Martinez.

For its part, Framein dialogue with TyC Sportsrecalled the incident: “I report that he touched my butt. But, in reality, he had already touched other parts of my body without my consent.”

Martinez will present seven witnesses to try to discredit the complainant’s version and, among them, are Raúl Cascini, Jorge Bermúdez and Marcelo Delgadothe former footballers who currently make up the Football Council what commands Juan roman riquelmepresident of the La Ribera entity.

“I went to the Gender and Equality department of the institution, where they told me to take leave while they investigated. At the same time, Martínez continued to lead the women’s team as if nothing had happened. Months passed, I never had a response and then I showed up with my lawyer Andrea Luncaglioli and I filed the complaint. Only then did Boca decide to remove him from his position.”held Frame.

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