Bundesliga: Terzic despite criticism: “I’m really keen on it”

Bundesliga: Terzic despite criticism: “I’m really keen on it”
Bundesliga: Terzic despite criticism: “I’m really keen on it”

After missing the 2022/23 championship, Borussia Dortmund has nothing to do with the title fight this season. The coach now talks about the pressure.

BVB coach Edin Terzic is full of ambition and optimism despite some setbacks and negative headlines. “I get up every morning to invest everything I can for maximum success and to fight for it,” said the 41-year-old soccer teacher to “Kicker.”

“Did BVB become champions every year or reach the quarter-finals of the Champions League? No! Was that why everything was bad? No!” said the coach of the Bundesliga club. “I have no problem if my path to success takes a little longer, as long as I have the feeling that the direction is right.”

Terzic comments on the criticism

In the previous season, Dortmund lost the championship on the last matchday. This season, BVB has nothing to do with the title decision and is fighting for renewed participation in the Champions League in fourth place. That’s why the coach is always viewed critically.

Criticism of the coach “is part of my job, and there is no pressure from outside that can be as great as the one I put on myself,” said the BVB coach. “Because I want to get better every day and find better solutions. As long as the joy of the journey to success is greater than the pressure I feel, I’m happy to do it. And I can assure you: I’m really up for it.”

He knows the expectations, said Terzic. “And I know BVB’s path: we rebuild year after year instead of building up because important players leave us. We still try to compete for titles every year. That’s our path. I’ve also made this path my path to success . And I like that.”

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