Threats to Ángel Di María’s family: Rosario Central repudiated them and demanded justice

Threats to Ángel Di María’s family: Rosario Central repudiated them and demanded justice

Central Rosary issued a strong statement in response to threats directed toward the family of Angel Di Mariaarising from its lower divisions, in which he expressed his total repudiation and condemnation of this type of violent actions against the current footballer of Benfica.

In the official statement, Central Rosary expressed: “Club Atlético Rosario Central emphatically repudiates the facts that are publicly known, in which threats were registered against a renowned soccer player who emerged from our youth academy. In the face of this new violent act, the institution places itself at the disposal of all authorities and “pertinent agencies to clarify the facts and identify and punish those responsible.”

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Besides, Central Rosary He highlighted that these types of actions harm not only those directly affected, but also the economy and the sporting success of the clubs. They also made reference to the tragic event of Ivana’s death, which still lacks justice in the city of rosary beadsrelated to a sporting result.

In this sense, the club’s statement scoundrel He stressed the need to eradicate violence from the football field, ensuring that any type of intimidation towards footballers or violence against their families, who are fundamental protagonists in sporting events, cannot be allowed.

Central Rosary committed to taking all necessary measures to avoid future violent incidents, ensuring that it will request sanctions to the last consequences for those who are involved in this type of unacceptable behavior.

Ángel Di María and his family, also with support from the private neighborhood

The Miraflores de Funes private neighborhood also issued a statement regarding the threats suffered by the family of Angel Di Maria. The security chief of the private neighborhood published a text in which he recounted what happened and explained how the operation continues to find those responsible for the incident.

“Who is signed by Gabriel López, in my capacity as Head of Security of the Neighborhood, I am writing to the Administration in order to inform the Miraflores Neighborhood that, on March 25, 2024, at 1:36 a.m., staff of The front door of the main entrance received an intimidating message addressed to the DI MARÍA family. I inform you that at 1:40 a.m. the COM operator Mr. Fernando Carnero communicated, reporting a Renault brand vehicle, Megane model, gray color, Domain CKS654, “He stops for 15 seconds approximately 30 meters from the primary goal and continuing his march, throws a black bag sealed with packing tape, with a message addressed to the DI MARIA family.”

“Subsequently, 4 explosions were heard, leaving the vehicle at excessive speed. Support was requested from police personnel from Precinct 23, the City of Funes, the Funes Command and the COE. The place was surveyed with personnel from the Neighborhood. The PDI appeared and the Prosecutor’s Office on duty, headed by Dr. Artacho, Lisandro, intervened. Likewise, the Administration, Security and Intendance Area and Legal Counsel are working on the collection of evidentiary material for the purposes of being provided to personnel. legal,” said the security chief of the private neighborhood.

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