National team: “Major Tom” as the DFB goal anthem – Müller sings along

National team: “Major Tom” as the DFB goal anthem – Müller sings along

German football fans are getting their wish for a new goal anthem for the national team. A player is already having fun before kick-off.

Thomas Müller sang along loudly before kick-off – and after eleven minutes the fans were able to celebrate the first goal against the Netherlands with a new anthem in a “completely detached manner”. In the neighboring duel, the German Football Association fulfilled the wish of many supporters to play Peter Schilling’s “Major Tom” when Julian Nagelsmann’s team scored goals. By the time an online petition was completed, almost 70,000 votes had been received.

When warming up before the test game, the Neue Deutsche Welle hit could already be heard in full in the Frankfurt stadium. On the video cube, the audience could see that veteran Müller was visibly enjoying the song selection and singing along. In the opening phase, Maximilian Mittelstädt made it 1-1 – and the stadium management played the refrain. Sport1 first reported that the fans were getting their way.

The song “Kernkraft 400” by Zombie Nation was most recently played at DFB goals; the fans voted for it in a vote by the German Football Association in mid-2019.

Song suitable for promotional videos

“Major Tom” has recently been heard a lot in connection with the national team because the song is played in the Adidas advertising videos for the new jerseys. Clips then appeared on social media in which past goals by the DFB selection were accompanied by the song. In the 1982 song’s chorus, “the spaceship floats completely weightless” and “completely detached from the earth.”

However, the song is unlikely to be used for German goals at the upcoming European Championships. According to dpa information, the goal jingles at the Euro are the same for all teams and are part of the official song for the 2024 European Championship. In addition, the participating national associations can submit suggestions for songs for the warm-up and after the final whistle.

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