They ask to cancel the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games for fear of attacks

They ask to cancel the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games for fear of attacks

France is on alert for a possible terrorist threat in the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. After the attack in Moscowthe French intelligence services recommended canceling the opening ceremony, something that if confirmed would be historic due to its negative impact.

It is planned that during the inauguration of the Olympic Games Politicians and delegations from different countries also attend, which is why they fear that a coordinated terrorist attack will be carried out during the event. As you can understand, the risk is too high given the current situation.

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Also from the Ministry of Defence French will apply extreme security measures and to do so it will also ask other countries for collaboration. “Several foreign nations are going to reinforce us in some critical areas, such as dog handling capabilities, where the needs are enormous during the Olympic Games”explained the country’s Minister of Defense.

The attack on a theater in Moscow left at least 143 dead and 180 injuredwas perpetrated by Islamic State and set off alarms in the rest of Europesince in the last hours he also called to attack France already USA.

After the attack in Russia, the spokesperson of the Islamic State celebrated what happened and called for “lone wolves” attack Christians and Jews in USA and Europe. This raised global alarm.

Poland to send troops to Paris Olympics amid security challenge

Poland announced on Thursday that it will join international efforts to contribute to the security of French Olympic Games sending troops, including sniffer dog handlers, as organizers prepare for the big security challenge.

The French Government raised the country’s terrorist alert to its highest level on Sunday, following the shootings of Moscowa few months before the start of the Games, on July 26.

“The Polish Armed Forces will join the international coalition established by France to support preparations and security for the 2024 Olympic Games”wrote the Polish Defense Minister, Wladyslaw Kosiniak-Kamyszon the social network x.

“A special group of our soldiers, including dog handlers, will be sent to Paris. Their main objective will be to carry out activities related to the detection of explosives and the fight against the terrorist phenomenon”he added.

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