Argentine National Team: Dibu Martínez chose between La Bombonera and Monumental

Argentine National Team: Dibu Martínez chose between La Bombonera and Monumental
Argentine National Team: Dibu Martínez chose between La Bombonera and Monumental

The goalkeeper of the Argentine National Team compared the stadiums of River and Boca. What was his choice.


In an interview, Draw Martínez spoke about the current situation Argentine National Team and referred to the defeat against Uruguay in the South American Qualifiers. The match against Celeste was played in The Bombonera on November 16, 2023 and it was the last home game that the national team played.

In that match, the team led by Lionel Scaloni was defeated by 1-0 and it became the only match lost in the playoffs. In that sense, the Aston Villa goalkeeper analyzed it and finished comparing Boca’s field with the Monumental, River Plate’s stadium.

Bombonera vs Monumental: what Dibu Martínez chose

First of all, the goalkeeper who emerged from Independiente analyzed the match against Uruguay and maintained that he did not see a National Team that “he’s going to play us man to man“. Then, he exemplified with the Qatar World Cup and mentioned Australia as one of the rivals that he put more pressure on thembut he assured that in the case of Croatia, France and the Netherlands the “they respected a lot“.

In that sense, the game played by the team of Marcelo Bielsa since he was “the only one who played us man to man very high up.” However, he awarded it to the court, since for Draw “it was very close“. “It favored him more because La Bombonera is much smaller than the River field“, he claimed. And he declared: “I think that if we played on River’s field it would be another game.”.


The Most Monumental stadium.

The Most Monumental stadium.


Scaloni only confirmed Messi and Di María for the Copa América

Lionel Scaloni referred to the possible squads for the Copa América and assured that the only two players who are already confirmed are Lionel Messi and Ángel Di Maríawhile he warned that “the rest pick and shovel“.

With these statements, the technical director of the Argentine National Team made the footballers understand that they will have to work to earn a place on the team to compete in the competition that will take place in the United States.

In addition, the coach complimented the goalkeeper Walter Benitez, who made his debut in the friendly against Costa Rica and assured that “it is a possibility” that he will be named as the second goalkeeper. “Today he is here, surely he had his big chance because it is evident that he has come with us, but I cannot guarantee anyone who has come here. Only the one who didn’t come, who already know. The rest, pick and shovel. Well, ‘Fideo’ too, he has it guaranteed,” she said.

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