Tristán Suárez managed to get the tie at home against Ferro

Tristán Suárez managed to get the tie at home against Ferro
Tristán Suárez managed to get the tie at home against Ferro

T. Suárez couldn’t at the Ciudadela stadium with Ferro and they tied 1-1 during date 9 of the Argentina – Primera Nacional Championship 2024 tournament.

At 36 minutes into the second half, Ferro won with a goal from forward Mateo Levato, but in the 48th minute of the same stage, Agustín Lavezzi equalized for Tristán Suárez.

Agustín Lavezzi’s performance positioned him as the most outstanding player of the match. Tristán Suárez’s forward showed his best level by scoring 1 goal.

Another player who had a great game was Mateo Levato. Ferro’s attacker shone by scoring 1 goal.

The match had several reprimands: Franco Mussis, Leonardo Ramos, Iago Iriarte and Nicolás Gómez.

T. Suárez’s coach, Sebastián Salomón, presented a 4-4-2 tactical layout with Joaquín Mendive in goal; Iván Regules, Iago Iriarte, Lucas Meza and Thomas Ortega on the defensive line; Juan Da Rosa, Franco Bellocq, Angel Almada and Pablo Ruíz in the middle; and Agustín Lavezzi and Francisco Molina in the attack.

For its part, Jorge Cordon’s team came out with a 4-5-1 tactical layout with Rodrigo Saracho between the three sticks; Nahuel Arena, Gabriel Díaz, Patricio Boolsen and Martín Rodríguez in defense; Gerónimo Tomasetti, Nicolás Gómez, Franco Mussis, Gastón Moreyra and Ricardo Blanco in the midfield; and Nicolás Retamar up front.

Felipe Viola was the referee chosen for the match at the Ciudadela stadium.

On the next date, T. Suárez will visit San Miguel and Ferro will play at home against Patronato.

Changes in Tristán Suárez
  • 64′ 2T – Lucas Maximiliano Meza left for Franco Nahuel Bergés
  • 65′ 2T – Angel Azul Almada came out for Leonardo Javier Ramos
  • 73′ 2T – Pablo Martín Ruíz left for José Luis Fernández and Francisco Javier Molina for Federico Versaci
Changes in Ferro
  • 24′ 1T – Patricio Boolsen left for Federico Aníbal Murillo
  • 68′ 2T – Ricardo Darío Blanco left for Mateo Levato and Franco Gabriel Mussis for Claudio Ezequiel Mosca
  • 85′ 2T – Gastón Moreyra came out for José Agustín Pérez Siri
  • 86′ 2T – Kevin Nicolás Retamar left for Franco Natanael García Barboza

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