With a single goal, Almagro defeated Atlético Rafaela at the Tres de Febrero stadium

With a single goal, Almagro defeated Atlético Rafaela at the Tres de Febrero stadium

The clash between Tricolor and At. Rafaela, corresponding to date 9 of the Argentina – First National Championship 2024 tournament, ended with a narrow victory for the host team by 1 to 0. In the 12th minute of the second half, Luís Leal scored the goal that gave Tricolor the victory.

Luís Leal had a great performance. The Almagro attacker shone by scoring 1 goal.

Mariano Gancedo’s defensive presence was notable in the game. Almagro’s defense was important.

The match had several reprimands: Juan Mendoza, Kevin Jappert, Rodrigo Colombo, Sergio Lopez and Juan Martín Capurro.

Almagro’s coach, Norberto Paparatto, presented a 4-4-2 tactical layout with Nereo Champagne in goal; Nahuel Basualdo, Matías Molina, Juan Francisco Mattia and Laureano Puñet on the defensive line; Franco Vedoya, David Puca, Sergio Lopez and Diego Vásquez in the middle; and Laureano Troncoso and Juan Mendoza in the attack.

For its part, Ezequiel Medrán’s team came out with a 4-4-2 tactical layout with Mayco Bergia between the three sticks; Nicolás Kozlovsky, Kevin Jappert, Rodrigo Colombo and Francisco Oliver in defense; Ayrton Portillo, Matías Fissore, Juan Galeano and Juan Martín Capurro in the midfield; and Patricio Vidal and Nazareno Funez up front.

Juan Loustau was in charge of supervising the order of play during the match.

On the next day, Tricolor will face Dep. Madryn as a visitor, while At. Rafaela will play as a visitor against Def. from Belgrano.

Changes in Almagro
  • 57′ 2T – Diego Emanuel Vásquez left for Franco Santiago Pérez and Natanael Laureano Troncoso for Luís Leal dos Anjos
  • 60′ 2T – Laureano Damián Puñet left for Mariano Gancedo
  • 75′ 2T – Franco Martín Vedoya left for Laureano Rodríguez and David Puca for Gonzalo Jorge Alberto Silva
Changes at Atlético Rafaela
  • 53′ 2T – Juan Daniel Galeano left for Franco Nicolás Quiroz and Nazareno Manuel Funez for Lucas Gabriel Albertengo
  • 66′ 2T – Matías Fissore came on for Emiliano Germán Agüero and Nicolás Kozlovsky came on for Francesco Toldo

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