Barcelona player Iñigo Martínez confronted fans who insulted him

Barcelona player Iñigo Martínez confronted fans who insulted him

A very tense situation occurred this week after Barcelona’s training session. Iñigo Martínez He got tired of being insulted by a fan and got out of the car to say a few words face to face.

Listen to me, you really are stupid,” he began. “Last time you called me stupid. The last time. Have you heard? The last one, huh? The last one you insult me. You and your friend the same. “The last time you insult me.”

At the same time, the voices of other people can be heard asking the teenagers who provoke the player to control themselves. “But don’t do these things!”, or: “But, what are you doing?”, they say, while a child asks for a photo with the soccer player.

The curiosity is that this situation occurs at a good moment for the club, at least in terms of results. Barcelona They won last weekend against Las Palmas and arrive with a good performance for the duel against Paris Saint Germain for the quarterfinals of the Champions League.


Iñigo Martínez usually receives insults from fans.


At the beginning of the season, Joao Cancelo had suffered a similar problem, with the fans who are regularly present at the club’s training: “First of all, They are not fans, they are 20 year old ‘kids’ who are there every daywhether at the door of the training center or when I am with my daughter in the park or at a simple dinner with my girlfriend,” the Portuguese wrote at that time.

Iñigo Martínez’s indignation is more than justified, since he and his companions are forced to endure similar situations day after day. At the doors of the Joan Gamper, in addition to journalists and photojournalists carrying out their informative work, fans gather looking for a photo, a greeting or a signature from their idols. And, also, people who take advantage and try to do business with images and autographs of the players.

The latter have sometimes hit the cars, or even jumped on the hood of the vehicles to force the players to stop, causing an altercation. And if they do not achieve their objective, they confront them and, as was the case, insult them until an unpleasant situation arises.

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