Boca’s reasons for not modifying the logistics of its trip to Bolivia, for the Copa Sudamericana

Boca’s reasons for not modifying the logistics of its trip to Bolivia, for the Copa Sudamericana

The Bolivian authorities made a request for caution and a change in logistics to Conmebol and the club xeneizewho expressed his position.

The news of the tragic accident on the road from Sucre to Potosí, in Boliviawhich left four dead and 36 injured, alarmed Mouth because the team must take the same route on Wednesday for the debut against Nacional, for the South American Cup. However, the club xeneize will not change the logistics of the trip proposed by Bolivian authorities and the Conmebol.

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The complication is generated by the lack of a proper airport in the city of Potosí, which forces Mouth to travel from Buenos Aires to Sucre and then travel on the day of the game by land in different 4×4 trucks to arrive for the debut in the South American Cup in view of Potosi Nationalon Wednesday from 9 p.m. at the Víctor Ugarte stadium or Nido de los Cóndores, as the stage located at 3,900 meters above sea level is called.

Tragic accident in Bolivia

The accident that generated the most concern a few hours into the trip Mouth It occurred in the town of Yotala, half an hour from Sucre, at 7:30 p.m. on Sunday, when one of the vehicles involved invaded the opposite lane and a company bus Transtin Dilrey collapsed, according to reports from the “Mejillones” Departmental Fire Department cited by Southern Mail. Among the deceased are two women (65 and 28 years old), a man (37) and a six-year-old girl. On the other hand, the injured were transferred to the Santa Bárbara de Sucre hospital, the Los Ángeles clinic and the Red Cross.

After the trip to Boliviasleeping in Sucre and traveling a complicated stretch in vans, the delegation of Mouth He will arrive at the stadium hours before the game. To return, the same logistics will be repeated, but in reverse: from Potosí to Sucre in vans during the early hours of the morning, they will spend the night again in two hotels in that city and only on Thursday at mid-morning will they board the flight to Argentina around 15.

Bolivia’s request to Conmebol and Boca

After the fatal accident, the authorities of the Bolivian city requested and recommended the Conmebol and also to Mouth that the Argentine delegation spent the night after the game there, in Potosí, and did not return to Sucre immediately.

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Although in Mouth They admit the danger involved in the trip they are going to undertake, for the moment they would not plan to move from the initial plan: finish the game and right there, in the middle of the night, get into the vans and return to Sucre as agreed.

Boca’s reasons for staying on the original plan

Mouth It is not going to modify the route map drawn because Potosí does not have sufficient hotel capacity to accommodate such a large delegation. In fact, it was the reason why they did not stay directly in that city and had to choose Sucre as their base. Furthermore, because changing the logistics would imply arriving later in the country and the agenda xeneize It’s very tight.

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What happens is that in the country, Diego Martinez will have to work quickly and immediately start thinking about the next trip, which will be next Friday to Rosario, where Mouth will play a decisive match on Saturday in the Professional League Cup in view of Newell’sfor classification to the Final Phase.

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