Pablo Toviggino, treasurer of the AFA, targeted Juan Sebastián Verón and Andrés Fassi for the SAD

Pablo Toviggino, treasurer of the AFA, targeted Juan Sebastián Verón and Andrés Fassi for the SAD

With the arrival of Javier Milei to the presidency, the issue of Sports Joint Stock Companies (SAD) it gained strength again. Already in the run-up to the runoff against Sergio Massa, the vast majority of Argentine soccer clubs demonstrated on their social networks against the first leg, which had germinated a few years ago with Mauricio Macri as president of the Nation (2015-2019 ).

Milei took office on December 10 of last year and, a few days later Through a DNU, it opened the possibility that clubs can choose to remain non-profit civil associations or become Public Limited Companies.

Although covertly, Andrés Fassi, owner of Talleres de Córdoba, since 2014, and Juan Sebastián Verón, in his new cycle as head of Estudiantes de La Plata, They agreed with the arrival of foreign and “national” capital to Argentine soccer.

The AFA, at the time, was forceful with its response and warned that the club that becomes a SAD will not be able to participate in its tournaments.

What’s more, in the last few hours, Pablo Toviggino, treasurer of the AFA and right-hand man of President Claudio “Chiqui” Tapia, with his controversial style came out to cross them both on his social networks.

A few days ago, its president Andrés Fassi, who is also vice president of Pachuca de México and one of the four owners of Grupo Pachuca, had said that “Argentina is the only country in the world where SADs are not accepted. I believe that in football like Argentina, going through the moment we are in, being world champions, and with a great leadership moment, accepting foreign resources to enter to strengthen our clubs is a decision in favor of the AFA, it is not a decision against.”


Pablo Toviggino is the right hand man and faithful sidekick of the president of the AFA, Claudio “Chiqui” Tapia.


For his part, Verón has a similar idea, but is more cautious with his terminology: “I’m not talking about foreign capital, but capital that helps the club. It will make it possible for any fan who has a company and wants to connect with the club to do so with their cards on the table to clean up their finances or contribute,” said President “Pincha.”

Toviggino on the attack

Pablo Toviggino, as a faithful supporter of “Chiqui” Tapia, went out of his way to cross both Tapia and Fassi on his social networks.

Haha, you -for Verón- and the other who lives more in Mexico for Argentina -for Fassi- are the mules of an idea foreign to you!!! Don’t forget that you need THE VOTES OF THE AFA ASSEMBLY!! There is no longer DNU that forces us. When the project that AFA is preparing is known, both of them will be left with their asses in the air!!!”

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