The forward who trained at River and was sold to the Premier League who now trains falcons

The forward who trained at River and was sold to the Premier League who now trains falcons

Originally from Godoy Cruz, Jerónimo Morales Neumann He had a short but striking career in the world of football. He started at the age of 7 in the club in his hometown (Godoy Cruz Antonio Tomba) until when he turned 12 he traveled to Buenos Aires to join the pension of River Plate.

After his debut in the first “Millo”, the former forward went through several national and international football clubs. At 31 years olddue to an event that changed his life, the man from Mendoza decided hang up your boots suddenly.

What was Jerónimo Morales Neumann’s football career like?

Jerónimo Morales Neumann debuted in a 3-3 against Gimnasia y Esgrima de la Plata. That day he scored a goal and showed himself as a young promise. At River he shared a squad with great figures such as Gonzalo Higuain, Marcelo Gallardo, Radamel Falcao and Ariel Ortega. According to the former player, the club asked him for 500 thousand dollars to continue in the first team, but he did not accept that “business” and decided to turn to other destinations.

Embed – [JERÓNIMO MORALES NEUMANN] Debut and goal in Primera (Clausura 2006 Gimnasia 3 – 3 River)

After his time in “La Banda”, Morales Neumann played in: Emelec from Ecuador, San Lorenzo (he shared a squad with Gastón Fernández, Ezequiel Lavezzi, Andrés “Cuqui” Silvera) and Córdoba Institute.

After scoring 14 goals in 47 games in “La Gloria”, the man from Mendoza reached Students of La Platawhere it was requested by the renowned coach Alejandro Sabella. There he was a companion of Juan Sebastian Veron, Enzo Perez, Mauro Boselli and he was about to play in the remembered Club World Cup final against Pep Guardiola’s legendary Barcelona. “I missed the 09 Club World Cup final against Messi’s Barcelona because I got mononucleosis. Enzo Pérez replaced me. “I wanted to kill myself,” Neumann commented in an interview on Infobae.

Morales Neuman in Estudiantes de la Plata.avif

Once his cycle at “Pincha” ended, his career led him to try his luck in foreign leagues, including an experience in the Premier League with the Barnsley FC. After his short stay in England, and having returned to the country to play in Independent of Rivadavia, Neumann was introduced to Australian football. In the oceanic country, he was able to settle both in the Adelaine United (15pj, 0 g) and in the Newcastle United Jets Fc (53 lengths, 17 g).

Finally, the former forward returned to national football to play in Tiger and then finish his football career at Independiente de Rivadavia at the age of 31. According to the former promisee, the death of his sister from cancer depressed him emotionally, and not feeling “100%”, he decided to get away from the courts at an early age to try to be happy again.

What is the life of Jerónimo Morales Neumann after his retirement?

Currently, Morales Neumann enjoys a quiet life away from the football spotlight. Lives in La Pampawhere he dedicates himself to field-related activities and to his personal businesses linked to the management of properties in Bariloche and Mendoza.

Furthermore, the former player found a particular hobby in falcon training; a taste that he has cultivated for years in Mendoza and that gives him a connection with nature and outdoor life.

Morales Neumann with his bird

Although almost his entire life was linked to soccer, Morales Neumann has no intention of playing again. His career left him with severe injuries to his shoulders and one of his knees. According to the former River, he tried to play again, but his shoulders came out of place. Anyway, the Mendoza does not rule out returning to a court to “kill the vice”.

Despite having ended his career as a soccer player at an early age, and while he seeks happiness in new horizons away from sport, Jerónimo Morales Neumann can afford to say that he fulfilled “the kid’s dream.”

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