River dominates the history against Boca head-to-head by direct elimination

River dominates the history against Boca head-to-head by direct elimination

Looking ahead to this Sunday’s match, we review all the head-to-head confrontations that have taken place in history between the two greatest in Argentine football.


The confrontations of direct elimination in Superclásicos stand out for the superiority of Riverwith 13 victories out of a total of 20 duels in this format, while “Xeneize” won seven times.

However, there were four times that the fate of the Superclásico was decided from the criminalwith Mouth emerging as the victor at every opportunity. This peculiar phenomenon manifested itself in meetings from 1994.

In summary, throughout 33 exciting confrontations, River and Mouth built a track record in Super classic Under this format that has “Millonario” winning 13 times, “Xeneize” seven and the remaining 13 equalities, of which four ended in penalties, had the La Ribera team as the winner.

Other information about confrontations in Superclásicos cups

The Libertadores Cup He had 28 matches to his credit Mouth and River Over the years, from 1966 to 2019.

In this intense continental rivalry, “Xeneize” has managed to prevail on 11 occasions, while “Millonario” secured victory on nine occasions, leaving eight games in a draw.

When will the Superclásico be played?

He Super classic between River and Mouth would be played Sunday April 21 in the afternoon in the Mario Alberto Kempes Stadium of Cordova for a pass to the semifinals of the League Cup.

Riverthe first of the Zone A With 27 points, he will have to face Mouthwho finished fourth in the Zone B with 25 points in what will be the most important match of the quarterfinals of the League Cup.

All the “hand in hand” confrontations between River and Boca:

  • 1- Competition Cup 1915 (River)
  • 2- Competition Cup 1918 (River)
  • 3- First Division Tiebreaker 1937 (River)
  • 4- Escobar Cup 1942 (River)
  • 5- British Cup 1946 (Boca)
  • 6- Metropolitano 1969 (River)
  • 7- National 1972 (River)
  • 8- National 1976 (Boca)
  • 9- Pre Libertadores League 1989 (River)
  • 10- Centenario Cup 1993 (River)
  • 11- Super Cup 1994 (Boca)
  • 12- Copa Libertadores 2000 (Boca)
  • 13- Copa Libertadores 2004 (Boca)
  • 14- Copa Sudamericana 2014 (River)
  • 15- Copa Libertadores 2015 (River)
  • 16- Argentine Super Cup 2018 (River)
  • 17- Copa Libertadores 2018 (River)
  • 18- Copa Libertadores 2019 (River)
  • 19- League Cup 2021 (Boca)
  • 20- Argentine Cup 2020/2021 (Boca)

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