Riquelme, the “biggest Superclásico in the world” and a special message: “It’s just a football match”

Riquelme, the “biggest Superclásico in the world” and a special message: “It’s just a football match”

The president of Mouth, Juan roman riquelmehe lowered the drama Super classic in the run-up by assuring that “in the end it is just a football match”, although he stressed that “people are excited” and will compete to succeed.

“For me it is a privilege to be here and to be able to accompany the captain of our team (Marcos Rojo). We are happy to represent our club on Sunday,” Riquelme began at the press conference.

“It’s a special game and people are excited. But in the end it’s just a football game and competing”highlighted the President of Xeneize to the surprise of those present.

Likewise, the former soccer player stressed that what is important for him is “the hope of playing a great game and for people to enjoy it.”

After five years, Boca and River will face each other again in a Superclásico with both sides. The last time was the remembered final of the 2018 Copa Libertadores at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium in Madrid where the “Millonario” won 3-1 and became champion.

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Regarding the fact that a Superclásico will be played again with both fans, Riquelme declared: “In the end, I want people to enjoy it a lot. The Superclásico is the biggest in the world because it was always the people of River and Boca on the field. It hasn’t happened for many years, that means we did something wrong. Hopefully “Let’s all help so that we can have the classic again with both fans and enjoy it, as it was my turn as a player. May Sunday be a party, may we have a great time and may we get used to it being repeated very often.”.

In addition, present at the press conference Claudio “Chiqui” Tapiapresident of AFA, who highlighted that Sunday “is a very special day.”

“We are all very eager for the Superclásico. I thank the authorities of Córdoba for all the effort they are making to host this event, the most exciting match in all of South America,” he indicated.

“Having both sides after seven years is very important for us. I thank both teams,” he said.

Finally, the vice president of River, Ignacio Villarroeladded: “It is without a doubt the most important classic in the world. From the club we call to demonstrate what a Superclásico is. The message, above all, is that you have to enjoy it and live it with joy. The most important thing is to live it in peace”.

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