Argentinos Juniors had an agonizing reaction, was better on penalties and advanced in the Professional League Cup

Argentinos Juniors had an agonizing reaction, was better on penalties and advanced in the Professional League Cup

Argentines Juniors, with goalkeeper Diego “Ruso” Rodríguez as a figure, won in a dramatic penalty shootout against Defense and Justice by 3 to 2, at the Banfield stadium, and advanced to the semifinals of the Professional League Cup after equaling 1 to 1 in regular time.

Rodrigo Bogarín, at 10 minutes, put Florencio Varela’s team ahead, while Alan Rodríguez, at 40 minutes into the match, gave La Paternal’s team equality.

In the penalty shootout, Argentinos Juniors goalkeeper “Ruso” Rodríguez put on the hero’s costume by containing the shots of Esteban Burgos and Alexis Soto (the Russian saved), while Leandro Godoy and Aaron Molinas failed in their executions.

Nicolás Oroz, Gastón Verón and Rodríguez himself converted for Argentinos, who sealed the series, while Franco Moyano and Luciano Gondou finished wide. Santiago Montiel’s shot was saved by goalkeeper Cristopher Fiermarin.

For their part, for Defense and Justice, Víctor Aguilera and Kevin López converted.

With this result, Argentinos entered the top four of the competition and will play in the semifinals against the winner of the bracket made up of Godoy Cruz and Vélez.

Florencio Varela’s team started the game with determination and quickly became the protagonist of the game with the management of the actions and a suffocating pressure that gave them results to open the scoring before the quarter of an hour through Bogarín, who then finished from point-blank range. of Leandro Godoy’s pass.

The goal was a blow for Argentinos, who wandered at times when they couldn’t find their game and with a blurred version, tried to take advantage of the stopped ball, however, José Herrera and then Jonathan Galván couldn’t convert with a header.

As the minutes passed, the level of the match declined and after an impasse, it was Defense and Justice that was in charge of giving excitement to the process by flirting with the possibility of converting for the second time, while those from La Paternal gave indications of being in the game at the close, as he took control, but it was not dangerous.

In the complement, Argentinos with some changes had a positive effect and with a radical facelift, they showed their best version, in which with their oiled game they dominated the game and cornered their opponent.

With a sharp style, Defensa had no other options than to retreat from the pressure and try to cut off the “Bicho’s” game circuits in the last few meters, however, this did not always work out and there appeared the figure of goalkeeper Cristopher Fiermarin, who shined on more than one occasion.

The match was consumed with an attractive round trip, in which both teams delivered their best version of play and sacrifice, but it was Argentinos who knew how to take advantage to reach equality with Rodríguez’s goal and thus force the penalty shootout.

Already in the penalty shootout, goalkeeper Rodríguez became a giant and after containing two executions and fortunately with a deflected shot by his rival, he sealed history by converting his shot.

Synthesis Argentinos vs Defensa y Justicia for the Professional League Cup

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