Boca vs River in Córdoba: mega security operation for the Superclásico with more than 1,800 troops

Boca vs River in Córdoba: mega security operation for the Superclásico with more than 1,800 troops

Córdoba has everything ready to receive the Superclásico between River and Boca, one of the most important and popular sporting events in the world, which will have both parties present after seven years and will be televised to 79 countries.

It will be a defining match for both and that implies an unobjectionable plus, but also a broad and “comprehensive” mega security operation so that everything develops normally in Córdoba, both on and off the field.

“The fans enter through different routes and places. We are concerned about what is going to happen on the field and in the perimeter rings, but also at the entrance to Santa Fe or Córdoba until they reach the stadium,” said Juan Pablo Quinreros, the Minister of Security of Córdoba.

There will be approximately 1800 troops dedicated to the match, including police, private security and other people who will make themselves available.

From the Ministry of Security of the Province of Córdoba, a broad operation was planned that includes personnel from the Córdoba Police and special units, the Anti-Drug Police Force (FPA), dependent on the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Argentine Federal Police, the National Gendarmerie, personnel from the Urban Guard, Traffic, and Civil Defense of the Municipality of Córdoba, and personnel from private security provider companies.


The superclásico between Boca and River will be played with packed stands, since all the tickets were sold out. The Mario Alberto Kempes stadium has a capacity for 57,000 spectators.


The security factor, fundamental given the scenario presented, was precisely one of the keys why the League opted for Córdoba as the venue, understanding that it could provide guarantees at the level of a Superclásico.

The twelve and The Drunkards of the Plankwho never have problems entering will have 600 tickets for each of the barra bravas, which was agreed in advance with all the participants in the organization of the most important match so far this year. And just as they resolved his admission, his transfer was also agreed upon: It will be a game of baton between four district police officers plus a national force that will accompany them so that they do not cross paths.so that they do not generate violence at the service stations, so that the entire journey from the City of Buenos Aires to Córdoba and its subsequent return is peaceful.

The other aspect that the Minister highlighted has to do with the fact that Boca and River fans will be “separated” as soon as they begin the trip to Docta. Those from River Plate should take the Córdoba – Rosario Highway (Route 9), while those from River Plate xeneizes The recommendation is that you do it through National Route No. 8 to Río Cuarto and then continue along Route 36.

Parking and stands

River supporters will have the spaces located in the North area (tennis courts). Those from Boca will have the South sector (near the IPEF).

Meanwhile, the River side will occupy the Willington and Gasparini stands (gates 2,3 and 4). Access will be from Av. Rafael Núñez, Av. Gauss and Circunvalación Norte.

Boca, for its part, will have the Ardiles stalls and the popular Artime, with access from Puente 15, Av. Viamonte and Circunvalación Sur (gates 1, 1B and 5).


As established from Coexistence Code of the Province of Córdoba, and by ordinance of the City Municipality, the carrying, use, and manipulation of pyrotechnics and fireworks is prohibited within the framework of the sporting event.

In the event of incidents, fans and clubs involved will be subject to multiple provincial and municipal sanctions, in accordance with the regulations that govern the Province of Córdoba, regardless of the club or league in question.

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