Gimnasia y Tiro couldn’t beat Gimnasia (J) and they tied without goals

Gimnasia y Tiro couldn’t beat Gimnasia (J) and they tied without goals

In the match corresponding to date 12 of the Argentina – First National Championship 2024 tournament, G. y Tiro and El Lobo tied 0-0.

Ivo Chavés’ performance positioned him as the most outstanding player of the match. The Gimnasia y Tiro defender was important.

Another player who had a great game was Alan Sosa. The Gimnasia goalkeeper (J) was the protagonist against Gimnasia y Tiro.

The match had a large number of reprimands: Federico Abadía, Agustín Palavecino, Hugo Soria, Enzo Fernández, Lucas Chiozza, Leandro Barro, Raúl Chamorro and Ezequiel Neira.

The coach of G. y Tiro, Rubén Forestello, presented a 5-3-2 tactical layout with Federico Abadía in goal; Ivo Chavés, Ezequiel Neira, Daniel Abello, Ignacio Sanabria and Facundo Heredia on the defensive line; Agustín Araujo, Matías Birge and Walter Busse in the middle; and Fabricio Rojas and Lautaro Gordillo in the attack.

For its part, Matías Módolo’s team came out with a 4-4-2 tactical layout with Alan Sosa between the three sticks; Diego Fores López, Mauro Osores, Guillermo Cosaro and Facundo Rizzi in defense; Franco Camargo, Hugo Soria, Jorge Juárez and Emiliano Endrizzi in the midfield; and Agustín Palavecino and Hernán Rivero up front.

Julián Jerez was the referee chosen for the match at the Gigante del Norte stadium.

On the next date, G. y Tiro will visit Gimnasia (Mendoza) and El Lobo will play at home against Deportivo Maipú.

Changes in Gymnastics and Shooting
  • 55′ 2T – Facundo Leonel Heredia left for Tomás Adriel Attis
  • 78′ 2T – Fabricio Daniel Hernán Rojas came out for Enzo Ariel Fernández
  • 79′ 2T – Agustín Araujo came out for Brian Miguel Duarte
Changes in Gymnastics (J)
  • 58′ 2T – Hernán Daniel Rivero came out for Cristian Menéndez
  • 69′ 2T – Jorge Emanuel Juárez left for Francisco Nahuel Molina
  • 82′ 2T – Franco Camargo left for Mauro Albertengo
  • 83′ 2T – Blas Agustín Palavecino left for Lucas Chiozza and Lautaro Gordillo for Martín Alejandro Esparza

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