Boca took over an unforgettable superclásico: they reversed an initial defeat and advanced to the semifinals

Boca took over an unforgettable superclásico: they reversed an initial defeat and advanced to the semifinals

Boca, which finished 4th in Zone B, beat River, leader of Zone A, 3-2 in the quarterfinals at the Mario Kempes stadium and will face Estudiantes.


With the Uruguayan forwards Miguel Merentielauthor of a double, and Edinson Cavani like star figures, Mouth surpassed River 3-2 in an attractive superclassic with controversies played in Córdoba and qualified for the semifinals of the Professional League Cup.

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Miguel Merentiel with two goals, at 46 minutes of the first half and at 21 minutes of the complement, and Edinson CavaniAt 17 minutes into the second half, they gave the victory to the La Ribera team. The Colombian striker Miguel Borja9 minutes into the first stage, had overtaken Núñez’s team, while the Chilean defender Paulo Diazat 51 of the complement, discounted.

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With this result, Mouth extended its undefeated streak in superclassics for national cups and will face in the semifinals Students of La Plata. The meeting began with an intense role of Riverin which he resorted to a suffocating game, with the last line advanced, which allowed him to cut off the intentions of Mouth and being able to hurt with the unbalancing players from midfield onwards.

This was the key for those led by Martin Demichelis could open the scoreboard quickly, since Paulo Diaz cut off the rival advance and from there, a lethal counterattack was born that had the assistance of Claudio Echeverri so that Miguel Borja With a subtle shot he signed the 1-0.

River stayed and Boca reacted

As the minutes pass, River he lost the intensity that characterized him during the meeting and Mouth He took advantage of this to corner him and little by little be more sharp in his offensive advances. Although the Millonario was dominated, he seemed to have the situation under control, however, before the break Miguel Merentiel achieved equality after a great run of Luis Advínculawho beat the position of Rodrigo Aliendro and launched a center back.

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Already in the complement, the match had a captivating back and forth, but the controversy took over the scene: Cristian Lema converted against his own fence, and although the ball seemed to go in from different angles, the VAR determined that it did not go in and the goal was annulled.

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This meant lethality for Núñez’s team, because minutes later, in a flurry of goals, Mouth settled the lawsuit with Edinson Cavaniwho connected with his head an exquisite cross Kevin Zenonand then, with a counterattack Miguel Merentielmade history 3-1 with his personal double.

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The two blows finished breaking the illusions of a River whose papers were burned and although he forced the attacks, he barely managed to discount in the last breath through Paulo Diazand could not twist the result against a Mouth who embraced the victory to get among the four best in the tournament.

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