By two goals difference, Estudiantes (RC) beats Dep. Morón

By two goals difference, Estudiantes (RC) beats Dep. Morón

Estudiantes RC makes it 2 to 0 against Dep. Morón. The local team beats the visitor thanks to Abel Romero (39′ 2T) and Tomás González (47′ 2T).

Boosted by their good result last day, the home team will expect more of the same after having celebrated a victory on the previous date. For its part, the visitor arrives in need of a victory after being defeated in their last match.

Estudiantes (RC) beat Nueva Chicago 1-0. After drawing 3 matches and winning 1, they come to this day with the hope of avoiding negative streaks. During those days, he managed to concede 2 goals and has been able to beat the rival goal 6 times.

Dep. Morón lost to Colón by 0 to 2. The visiting team does not achieve continuity, with quite diverse results in recent matches: 1 victory, 1 loss and 2 draws. He managed to score 4 goals and conceded 5.

Maximiliano Macheroni was the referee who directed the match at the Estadio de Río Cuarto Antonio Candini stadium.

Student Training (RC) today

Coach Alexis Matteo took the field with a 4-4-2 formation with Williams Barlasina in goal; Valentín Fenoglio, Gaston Arturia, Marcio Gómez Pereyra and Ignacio Abraham on the defensive line; Nahuel Cainelli, Abel Romero, Jonathan Blanco and Maximiliano Gatani in midfield; and Francisco Galván and Guillermo Villalba in the attack.

Formation of Dep. Morón today

For his part, Fabián Nardozza stopped a 4-4-2 strategy on the field with Juan Martín Rojas in goal; Brian Machuca, Facundo Lopez, Agustín Gómez, Nicolás Henry as defense; Gonzalo Berterame, Julián Vitale, Gastón González and Juan Manuel Olivares in the middle; and with Ezequiel Rescaldani and Santiago Sala up front.

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