He became Under 20 world champion with Argentina, he had no luck in football and now he makes a living in a car park

He became Under 20 world champion with Argentina, he had no luck in football and now he makes a living in a car park

Not all footballers in the world have the privilege of ever winning a title representing their country. The life of Julio César Bayónformer player and Under 20 world champion with the Argentine National Team, has taken a different path since his retirement from professional football. Now, away from the playing fields, the man born in the Catamarca capital works in a very different task from the one he dedicated himself to for much of his life: he is a manager and truck driver.

When he was young, Julio left his native province to try himself in Rosario Centerl. In Canalla he not only debuted, but also started a career of several years giving himself the luxury of wearing some shirts.

What was Juan César Bayón’s football career like?

Bayón, characterized as a midfielder, burst onto the football scene making his debut in the First Division on March 12, 1995 in Rosario Central under the direction of Pedro Marchetta.

In a very short time, he had the best experience of his life. The renowned technical director, Joseph Pekermansummoned Julio to be part of the Argentina under 20 team in the 1995 Qatar World Cup.

Catamarqueño played 4 games in the entire competition: Holland and Honduras in Groups, Cameroon in the Quarterfinals and Spain in the Semis.

The Asian country suits our country well. Those led by Pekerman beat Brazil 2-0 in the final, and were crowned world champions (like Messi and company in 2022). This title represented the most outstanding achievement in Bayón’s career, which he shared the squad with other figures such as Juan Pablo Sorín and Walter Coyette.

Bayón champion with the sub 20

However, challenges did not take long to appear. Despite his promising start, Bayón faced difficulties in consolidating himself in Central and chose to look for opportunities in other horizons. His career led him to defend the colors of national and international clubs such as Salta Central, O’Higgins from Chile, Armenian Sports and Futureamong others.

However, an unfortunate incident during a match caused him to crack his skull, putting his career at risk and forcing him to take a break in his career. According to what he told in an interview in Clarín, the former midfielder cannot spend too much time in high temperatures, this being a consequence that that incident left him.

After recovering, Bayón continued with his career in teams such as North Central Salta and San Martín de El Bañado de Catamarcaclub where he hung up his boots at the age of 32.

“Football tired me a lot,” commented the former soccer player in that interview. Furthermore, he added: “I didn’t make silver… If you compare me with Sorín, with (Gustavo) Lombardi, with Pena or with any of the boys, it could be said that I had less of a career or that I had less success.”

Despite everything, they played a farewell match for Bayón in Catamarca and they suggested naming one of the stands at the Biennario de la Provincia stadium after him. The reason? The former player is the only world champion born there.

What Julio César Bayón did after his retirement

After his time on the green grass, Bayón chose to open a new chapter in his life. Away from the world of professional football, he found stability in a different job. Currently, he works as manager of the Court of Accounts’ vehicle fleet and drives vans. With his work, the person born in San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca enjoys the tranquility and serenity that this new stage offers.

Bayon today

“I drive six trucks and two motorcycles, plus the drivers… I like what I do. I have six children and five grandchildren, I try to enjoy them as much as I can,” declared Julio. The under 20 champion has been doing the same thing for 17 years and it’s not going badly.

The story of Julio Cesar Bayón is a testimony of adaptability and determination, demonstrating that success can be found in different paths and that each experience, both in glory and challenges, contributes to forging the character of a true champion.

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