The drama that Julio Buffarini lives after the murder of his cousin

The drama that Julio Buffarini lives after the murder of his cousin

Independiente defender Julio Buffarini used his platform on Instagram to express a heartbreaking message in which he asked for justice for his cousin Jesús Buffarini, beaten to death by a gang outside a bowling alley in Córdoba.

“Justice for Jesús Buffarini. He went out to have fun and some savages killed him, in a gang like the cowards they are. Justice for the parents, brothers, family and friends. Life for the murderers”public.

Jesús was murdered in a brutal attack during the early hours of Sunday in General Cabrera, Córdoba, when he was brutally beaten by a group of individuals outside a well-known nightclub in that southern town.

The investigating prosecutor, Daniel Miralles, revealed shocking details about the tragedy. According to early reports, Jesus suffered a broken spine and spine as a result of the violent beating he received.

The incident occurred approximately eight blocks from the bowling alley, when a fight broke out between Jesús’ group and another group of young people.

The local community is shocked by this tragic event, while awaiting the results of the autopsy to learn more details about the exact cause of Jesús Buffarini’s death.

What happened to Buffarini’s cousin?

A footballer from the Córdoba Regional League, cousin of Independiente full-back Julio Buffarini, was murdered outside a bowling alley after being caught in the middle of a fight and being viciously attacked by at least three young people.

The incident took place this Sunday morning in the Cordoba town of General Cabrera when Jesús Buffarini, 23, had gone out with his girlfriend and friends to a bowling alley.

Around 6:00 the group had a fight with other young people and there the victim received severe blows to the body, especially to the head.

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