Nacional got the 3 points at home by beating Táchira 2-1

Nacional got the 3 points at home by beating Táchira 2-1

Nacional asserted its status as host and this Wednesday won 2-1 against Táchira, in the duel valid for date 3 of group H of the CONMEBOL tournament – Copa Libertadores 2024. At 13 minutes into the first half, Alexis Castro put his team ahead by taking advantage of a play. Then, Nacional increased the score through Jeremía Recoba, who shot in the 20th minute of the same half. Haibrany Ruiz Díaz scored a goal when 29 minutes into the same stage through a header. Even so, the weather did not allow for an effective comeback.

Antonio Galeano emerged as the most outstanding player of the match. The Nacional midfielder made 43 correct passes, recovered 3 balls and looked for the opposite goal with 4 shots.

Alexis Castro was another of the key players. The Nacional midfielder scored 1 goal and made 33 correct passes and looked for the opponent’s goal twice.

It was a game with many frictions due to infractions committed in the open field. There were several reprimands: Carlos Vivas, Alexis Castro, Carlos Robles, Jeremía Recoba and Haibrany Ruiz Díaz.

Nacional coach Álvaro Recoba proposed a 4-5-1 formation with Luis Mejía in goal; Leandro Lozano, Franco Romero, Diego Polenta and Gabriel Báez on the defensive line; Thiago Helguera, Alexis Castro, Antonio Galeano, Mauricio Pereyra and Jeremía Recoba in the middle; and Gonzalo Carneiro in the attack.

For its part, Eduardo Saragó’s team took the field with a 5-4-1 formation with Jesús Camargo between the three sticks; Jefre Vargas, Haibrany Ruiz Díaz, Carlos Vivas, Andrés Murillo and Edicson Tamiche in defense; Maurice Cova, Yerson Chacón, Carlos Robles and Yanniel Hernández in the midfield; and Jesús Hernández up front.

Referee Ramon Abatti Abel was in charge of supervising the game at the Gran Parque Central stadium.

On the next date Nacional will face River Plate at home, while Táchira will play at home against Libertad.

This result places Nacional in second place in Group H, with 6 points. Táchira, meanwhile, occupies last place. without any unit.

Changes in National
  • 71′ 2T – Mauricio Ernesto Pereyra Antonini left for Diego Martín Zabala Morales and Thiago Emanuel Helguera Merello for Felipe Cairus Arabeity
  • 75′ 2T – Jeremía Alexandre Recoba Perrone left for Osinachi Christian Ebere and Gonzalo Rodrigo Carneiro Méndez for Rubén Daniel Bentancourt Morales
  • 90′ 2T – Antonio Javier Galeano Ferreira left for Gastón Nicolás González
Changes in Táchira
  • 67′ 2T – Yerson Ronaldo Chacón Ramírez came out for Jean Franco Castillo
  • 68′ 2T – Carlos Julio Robles Rocha left for Carlos Daniel Calzadilla Durán
  • 76′ 2T – Jefre José Vargas Belisario came out for Nelson Antonio Hernández Bellorín
  • 77′ 2T – Edicson Enrique Tamiche Campos left for Carlos José Sosa Moreno
  • 82′ 2T – Jesús Isaac Hernández Córdova came out for Bryan José Castillo Rosendo

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