Enzo Fernández’s post on the networks after undergoing hernia surgery

Enzo Fernández’s post on the networks after undergoing hernia surgery

The world champion with the Argentine team underwent surgery and then posted a photo from the hospital with an extensive comment. Will he reach the Copa América?

Enzo Fernandez He was successfully operated on in the last few hours for an inguinal hernia that he had had since the end of last year and which did not allow him to play or train normally during the last few months in the Chelsea of England.

The operation took several weeks longer than expected due to the desire and commitment of the player who emerged from River to his current club. However, this situation ended up harming him since he played at a bad level, his body took a toll on him and now he will arrive just enough to the America Cup for the terms of its recovery.

The world champion in Qatar 2022 He made a post on the networks after the operation where he explained his situation and thanked the doctors.

“I wanted to tell you that my operation was carried out successfully, everything went well, thank God. I needed to have this surgery, since I had been suffering from pain for approximately 6 months. It was something that I could avoid while constantly treating myself with injections and medications. But A few weeks ago the pain began to become more and more intense, without any of this having an effect, and it was worse since I trained and played with discomfort, but I didn’t want to stop being in the games I had. Every time I had to play with the Chelsea shirt, like that of the National Team, I always tried to give my best despite all this but I couldn’t take it anymore. Thank you for the messages, the encouragement and your usual expressions of affection. Greetings to everyone, I promise you that I will come back stronger than ever. Take care. EJF

Thank the doctors who took care of me during surgery. CHRIS HUGHES. ERNEST SCHILDERS and DANIEL MARTÍNEZ,” reported Enzo Fernandez from your account instagram.

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