Operation in San Nicolás for Argentinos-Vélez: 800 troops and advance tickets

Operation in San Nicolás for Argentinos-Vélez: 800 troops and advance tickets

The modern classic between Argentinos Juniors and Vélez Sarsfield will be played in the city of San Nicolás, north of the province of Buenos Aires. For this reason, a strong security operation will be carried out.

The Agency for the Prevention of Violence in Sports (APreViDe) reported that the security operation arranged for the match between Argentinos Juniors and Velez Sarsfield will have the participation of around 800 police officers of the province of Buenos Aireswhile he indicated that the sale of tickets will be anticipated, since there will be no ticket sales at the stadium on the day of the event.

The match will be played next Sunday 28th at 3:30 p.m. in it Unique Stadium of San Nicolás de los Arroyos for the semi-final of the Professional League Cup and the doors will open at 12:30.

After the meeting with the representatives of AFAmunicipal authorities, police officers, Utedycand private security in the stadium, the owner of APreViDe Guillermo Cimadevilla He arranged a total of 8 thousand seats for each party and stated: “As we already said in the quarterfinal matches, this is a unique opportunity to demonstrate that we can enjoy a sporting spectacle without that violence that for years deprived us of the most beautiful thing about football: the double audience. Let’s continue like this We are on the right way. #RivalsNotEnemies”.

The stands and routes for Vélez and Argentinos fans

The public of Velez Sarsfield will occupy the Popular Tribune “Dalmaso” and the Platea “Del Pozo”, will take the National Route No. 8 You will access Santa Teresa (Santa Fe) to return to Route No. 9 towards the stadium through the access on Av. Damaso Valdez and Andrés del Pozo.

While the partiality of Argentinos Juniors will be located in the “Reynoso” Grandstand and the “Rucci” stalls, accessed from Route No. 9 along Avenida Presidente Perón towards Avenida Rucci.

Supporters who decide to use a route other than the one recommended for their club will be detained until the risk is removed, to avoid crossing with the other party and the control of the exercise of the Right of Admission will be carried out, for this reason spectators must attend with entry, card and National Identity Document.

Additionally, through the stadium’s video room, APreViDe will operate the security cameras that will monitor the interior and surroundings of the stadium, at the same time it was reported that for this match flags cannot be hung on the fence, which would impede the view of the spectators.

Meanwhile, the APreViDe indicated that entry with insignia and clothing identifying other sports entities, bottles, papers (of all kinds), pyrotechnic materials, flags that incite violence, and the use of masks, face shields or hoods is prohibited.

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