Lucas Scarnato gave Dep. Armenio the victory against Villa San Carlos

Lucas Scarnato gave Dep. Armenio the victory against Villa San Carlos

In the clash between San Carlos and Armenio valid for date 14 of the Argentina tournament – Primera B Season Championship 2024, the visiting team obtained a tight 1-0 victory at the Genacio Salice stadium. In the 37th minute of the first half, Lucas Scarnato wrote the outcome of the match by scoring the goal that defined the fate of the match.

Lucas Scarnato had a great performance. The Dep. Armenio midfielder scored 1 goal.

Marcos Macchione’s defensive presence was notable in the game. The defender of Dep. Armenio was important.

There were 3 cautions in the match: Nahuel Sica, Bautista Biffi and Ignacio Oroná.

San Carlos coach, Lucas Licht, presented a 4-4-2 tactical layout with Juan Ignacio Cautela in goal; Nicolás Benavídez, Bautista Biffi, Luciano Machín and Juan Franco Cacace on the defensive line; Matias Samaniego, Ignacio Oroná, Octavio Padovani and Juan Ignacio Silva in the middle; and Valentín Fernández and Alejandro Lugones in the attack.

For its part, Cristian Tula’s team came out with a 4-4-2 tactical layout with Iván López under the three sticks; Nahuel Troxler, Alejo Osella, Cristian Ordoñez and Fabricio López in defense; Lucas Scarnato, Federico Motta, Nahuel Sica and Valentino Venetucci in midfield; and Juan Barbieri and Tomás Jerez Sayago up front.

Mariano Negrete was in charge of supervising the order of play during the match.

On the next day, San Carlos will face Comunicaciones as a visitor, while Armenio will play as a visitor against Flandria.

Changes in Villa San Carlos
  • 45′ 2T – Nicolás Raúl Benavídez left for Francisco Cairo
  • 57′ 2T – Valentín Fernández left for Tomás Romero and Luciano Tomás Machín for Alexis Alegre
  • 69′ 2T – Juan Ignacio Silva left for Pablo Martín Miranda
  • 85′ 2T – Matias Samaniego left for Ángel Acosta
Changes in Armenian Dept.
  • 59′ 2T – Valentino Venetucci left for Tobias Gennaro
  • 76′ 2T – Tomás Jeréz Sayago left for Marcos Ariel Macchione
  • 83′ 2T – Juan Ignacio Barbieri came out for Franco Almanza

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