Video: shocking knockout ended the life of a Congolese boxer in Miami

Video: shocking knockout ended the life of a Congolese boxer in Miami

The Congolese boxer Ardi Ndembo died from a terrible blow inflicted on him by his Cuban rival, Mario Santana. The images.

Ardi Ndembo, congolese boxer that was competed in the event Team Combat League of Las Vegas, died above the ring because of a shocking knock out that his adversary gave him, Mario Santana.

The young man Ndembo, of just 27 years, He was hospitalized for three weeks in a hospital. Miami, and had lasted less than a minute in the fight he was involved in with Santana, since the latter dealt him a terrible blow that knocked him over and never allowed him to get up again.

The strong blow that ended Ndembo’s life

The Cuban guy Mario Santana He landed several blows to the victim’s face, but one with his left fist ended the fight. Seeing that the victim did not react, the health authorities immediately ran to assist Ndembo, They raised his legs and positioned him on his side to try to save him.

According to the site The New Miami Herald, the boxer was “in very bad condition”, after “undergo emergency surgery to relieve pressure on his brain.

In addition, Ndembo He was placed in an induced coma and remained assisted with an artificial respirator to stabilize his condition, which was reported to be critical”.

Ndembo lost his life after 20 days hospitalized

After more than 20 days hospitalized, it was reported that Ndembo had died: “At Viva Promotions we mourn the loss of Ardi Ndembo, a talented Congolese boxer who tragically passed away after a knockout in a Team Fighting League match on April 5. He remained in an induced coma until his premature death. RIP Ardi Ndembo!” shared the gym where the boxer trained.

While the organization of the contest also shared a profound farewell message: “The boxing community mourns the loss of Ardi Ndembo. Originally from Brazzaville, Congo, Ardi Ndembo was a 27-year-old father of two children. Please take a moment to send his strength, prayers and support to the Ndembo family at this difficult time.”

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