Mariano Werner snatched the victory from Diego Ciantini in the La Pampa TC

Mariano Werner snatched the victory from Diego Ciantini in the La Pampa TC

The driver Mariano Werner, with Ford, won the final of the Turismo Carretera at the Toay racetrack, in La Pampa, and is the new leader of the category championship.

Werner He took the victory by taking advantage of the safety car entry due to the abandonment of Gastón Mazzacane (Chevrolet) to overtake Diego Ciantini (Chevrolet), who was leading the race but finished second, while Mauricio Lambiris (Ford) completed the podium.

This compliment is absolutely historic, because it wins, in the Turismo Carretera, a new generation car that had already been hinted at in the first race of the year in El Calafate, in addition, a Ford Mustang wins again in the province, since the extinct Oscar Cabalén, won the so-called “Vuelta de La Pampa”, with a Ford Mustang of the time, on June 18, 1967.

“It was the only chance I had with the “Bochia” Ciantini and in the only possible place. I knew that I didn’t have to make the same mistake in the series and go out onto the main straight with 4 or 5 cars difference,” explained the winner , who reached first place at the restart, with five laps left to finish the race.


Mariano Wegner at the top of the podium by winning the TC race that was held at the Toay racetrack, in La Pampa.


“The team did a great job in the pits, although luck helped us a little today. That’s how races are, sometimes you have the car of the year and these things happen. It happened to me once in Paraná, when I lost the race with missing half a turn,” he added.

Ciantini, For his part, he stated in this regard: “We did everything we had to do, it was a race that was almost won. I don’t know why the safety car came out, I didn’t see Mazzacane’s car in a dangerous place, but if the stewards decided it’s fine.

Afterwards, Mariano passed me well. “I’m left with the great performance of the car.”

The remaining positions in the first ten places were occupied by Juan Bautista De Benedictis (Ford), Facundo Chapur (Dodge), Marcos Quijada (Chevrolet), Elio Craparo (Dodge), Agustín Martínez (Ford), Martín Vázquez (Dodge) and Santiago Mangoni (Chevrolet).

With this result, Werner is the new leader with 144.5, followed by José Manuel Urcera (Ford), who finished twenty-second on the Pampas track and is 18 from the top of the standings.

The next TC race, together with the TC Pista, will be at the Termas de Rio Hondo racetrack on May 11 and 12.

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