Fear of an extreme heat wave during the Paris 2024 Olympic Games

Fear of an extreme heat wave during the Paris 2024 Olympic Games

Regarding rainfall, “there is no predominant scenario in France, nor in Europe in general.”

These trends, which Météo-France Updated every month for the following three months, they coincide with the start of the Olympic Games (July 26 to August 11).

“It is too early to predict the weather conditions for this summer week by week,” however underlines Météo-France, which warns against hasty conclusions.

It is therefore too early to say whether the summer will be heatwave or not, a factor that may influence the organization of certain sporting events.

“Predicting a warmer than normal scenario for three months does not necessarily imply the occurrence of heat waves or heat waves,” the statement warns.

“Three-month climate trends do not provide information on whether or not records will be broken in the next season,” insists Météo-France.

However, research, published in December in the journal Npj Climate and Atmospheric Science, analyzed the risk of a two-week heat wave which would surpass the all-time record heat wave seen in Paris in 2003.

“In 20 years, the climate has changed and the idea was to warn policymakers that something even worse than in 2003 could happen, which is possible,” said lead author, Pascal Yiou.

“In the 20th century it was not possible to surpass this record, but now we can not only equal it but surpass it with a finally quite high probability, of the order of 1/100,” he added.

A separate study published in May 2023 in the journal The Lancet Planet Health found that Paris had the highest heat-related death rates of 854 European towns and citiespartly due to its lack of green spaces and its dense population.

The statistics were also heavily skewed by the events of 2003, when 15,000 people died, most of them vulnerable elderly people living alone, sparking a nationwide bout of soul-searching.


A study published in the journal The Lancet Planet Health states that Paris had the highest heat-related death rates of 854 European towns and cities, partly due to its lack of green spaces and dense population.

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In the last five years, Paris witnessed a series of scorching summers that have seen heat records crumble.

In July 2019, a new historical temperature peak was established when the Méteo-France meteorological service recorded 42.6 ºC in the capital.

The organizers of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games and of the Paralympic Games, which will begin at the end of August, They say they are “fully aware” of the climate-related risks to the Games.

Heat waves and extreme weather events are factors that we take into account and for which we are preparing as much as possible to take the necessary measures.“said a spokesperson.

Athletics events, particularly the marathon, as well as tennis or beach volleyball, are considered vulnerable to the effects of the sun and high temperatures.

Young, fit athletes may also prove more resilient than spectators, who will likely face queues to enter venues and potentially spend hours without shade in open-air stadiums.

The head of the French agency responsible for the construction of the Olympic venues, Nicolas Ferrand, assured in a Senate hearing that All indoor facilities had been built with global warming in mind.

Another area of ​​constant concern is the athletes’ village in the north of Paris, which was built without air conditioning as part of efforts to set new environmental standards for the Paris Games.

In contrast, the riverside apartment blocks have natural geothermal cooling systems, as well as parasols, green areas and wind ventilation.

Nearly 3,000 new apartments have been built along the Seine River, in Saint-Ouen, which will be used as the athletes’ village. They guarantee an interior temperature at least 6.0 ºC lower than the exterior, something that some attending nations consider insufficient.

As a compromise solution, the French organizers are now offering to provide, at their own expense, air conditioning units laptops to visiting delegations.

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