Ronaldo sold Cruzeiro and will do the same with Real Valladolid: “He will be next”

Ronaldo sold Cruzeiro and will do the same with Real Valladolid: “He will be next”

The former Brazilian striker sold the Belo Horizonte club to supermarket businessman Pedro Lourenço for almost US$120 million and now the intention is to leave the Spanish club where he joined in 2018, buying 51% of the shares for US$32 million.


The former Brazilian footballer Ronaldo Nazário de Lima said that, after selling 90% of the shares of the Cruzeiro to a local businessman, will seek to get rid of Real Valladolid, club that he also controls.

“I’m going to be very quick (in the response), Valladolid is next,” stated the former Brazilian striker in a press conference together with the new owner of Cruzeiro, Pedro Lourenço, when asked about the future of his participation in the Blanquivioleta team.

Ronaldo entered Valladolid in 2018 buying 51% of the shares for US$32 million.

Ronaldo announced that he sold the Belo Horizonte club after 2 years and 4 months at the helm of the team in which he began to emerge as a player. None of the parties disclosed the amount of the operation, although the Brazilian press states that it was around US$120 million (600 million reais), which is US$40 million (200 million reais) more than the estimated value. paid for that 90% of the shares in December 2021.

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“He will be next,” said Ronaldo bluntly about the possible sale of Real Valladolid after leaving Cruzeiro

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The champion in the 2002 World Cup in Korea and Japan anticipated that, after the agreement reached with Lourenço, he is thinking about taking a “sabbatical” until “something appears out there,” in apparent allusion to a business that arises in his native country. . “Probably in the future I will do something related to the football industry, I will just try to be more responsible from now on in the next projects,” he said.

Ronaldo decided to buy the Cruzeiro when it was in the second division of the Brazilian Championship and “on the verge” of bankruptcy, with debts of US$250 million (1.3 billion reais). He managed to promote it to the first division, although last year the light blue team almost lost the category again, which began to generate a negative climate towards his figure as the club’s top leader.

The criticism has continued this year after losing the final of the Mineiro Championship against the main rival, Atlético Mineiro, and the bad start in the group stage of the Copa Sudamericana. Ronaldo has also been questioned as president of the Real Valladolidwhich this season is fighting to return to the top category of Spanish football.

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