Juan Román Riquelme, after the elimination of Boca: “We made a lot of mistakes, there is no need to dramatize”

Juan Román Riquelme, after the elimination of Boca: “We made a lot of mistakes, there is no need to dramatize”

“We have to congratulate Estudiantes, who are in the final, they deserve it. I think we had a great first half and that the second half was even. Then they accommodated themselves in a play. Football has that, you win by scoring goals “he indicated Riquelme in statements to the press.

The “Xeneize” president highlighted the initial stage that the team did by indicating: “In the first half the team did well, they missed a lot of goals. But in a second everything changed. Penalty and expulsion. It’s football, it’s the most beautiful sport in the world. Let’s not dramatize everything.”

“It’s always like this when Boca loses, when others lose they don’t ask, when Boca loses it’s a drama. Let’s not dramatize, guys”he insisted.

Furthermore, he regretted that Mouth The Ribera cast has not been able to qualify for the final of the League Cup: “We had the hope of reaching the final. But it didn’t happen. We must congratulate Estudiantes and Vélez as well.”

Regarding penalties, he evaluated: “Students kicked better, this is how it is. Sometimes we were going to miss more penalties than the other. We made many mistakes before. There was one that hit the stick and came out. Another one that was left to (Cristian) Medina and they took it over the line. It’s a game too. “Now we have to continue.”

“What is true is that one dreams of winning the championship, we will try again. We are grateful to the people, the Boca fans are beautiful, but I think the team has good moments. In the first half they had them, also in the classic, that makes people excited. Although we also know that we have to improve,” he remarked.

Likewise, he indicated that “Argentine football is strange, if you play badly and win a lot it is valued, but if you play well and don’t win you are criticized.”

“Before the penalty we also had the one from (Miguel) Merentiel, that Medina did not arrive. We were having a hard time scoring the second goal. Maybe it was better that they tied but the penalty came with the expulsion, this is football, let’s not dramatize so much,” he concluded.

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