The mayor of Rosario blamed Argentine football for the frustrated return of Angel Di María to Central

The mayor of Rosario blamed Argentine football for the frustrated return of Angel Di María to Central

In statements to Chain 3 RosaryJavkin highlighted: “Argentine football has many things to correct that do not make Rosario, there are many problems in the organization.”

The long-awaited return of Say Maria to Central Rosary seems to have vanished amid a cloud of concern and controversy. After intense speculation about his possible return to the club of his loves, the Argentine player has reportedly decided not to return to his hometown due to concerns for the safety of his family.

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Pablo javkin mayor of Rosario.

The mayor of Rosario spoke about the frustrated arrival of Di María to Central

Javkin He also expressed his discontent with the stigma that has hung over the city of rosary beads due to violence related to drug trafficking. “It doesn’t seem logical to me that we should flagellate ourselves by believing that all decisions have to do with a specific issue”he emphasized.

The possibility of the return of Say Maria had generated enthusiasm among fans of Central Rosaryespecially after the recent conquest of the League Cupwhich assured the club a place in the next Libertadores Cup. The player himself had fueled these expectations by speaking openly about his desire to return to the team that he considers his “love of the world.”

However, the situation took an unexpected turn on March 25, when a violent incident in the country where the family of Say Maria raised doubts about the viability of his return.

A car approached the residence in the early hours of the morning and, after a series of shots, left a threatening message addressed to the player’s entourage, who was out of the country with the Argentine National Team.

The mayor Javkin suggested that the decision of Say Maria could be influenced by the conditions offered by Argentine football, rather than by the particularities of rosary beads as a city. “I think there are many more problems in the organization of Argentine football than in the conditions of Rosario”he claimed.

The communal chief called for a collective reflection on the reasons why the figures of the argentine socceronce they leave, they find it difficult to return. “I would also like us to take a complete look at what is happening in Argentine football”.

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