Juan Martín Del Potro remembered Diego Maradona and revealed a funny anecdote after winning the Davis Cup

Juan Martín Del Potro remembered Diego Maradona and revealed a funny anecdote after winning the Davis Cup

In that season, one of the most important pages of national tennis was written, since the Argentine team won the trophy for the first time and the Tandilense team, which was key in Zagrebrevealed unpublished details with the former footballer in a talk with the official podcast of the Master 1000 of Madrid.

“Diego was a great lover of Argentine sports. He followed every athlete, every discipline that he could. He was always present, he supported a lot, he liked to be close to the athlete, in the locker room, at the hotel, at dinner,” he commented. Del Potro.

Juan Martin del Potro


“He had access to other places that many people didn’t, and because he was Diego, he was obviously super welcome for us. And well, he went to Croatia for the Davis Cup final, which he also knew Argentina had never won. “We had lost finals and everything. But hey, he was there every day and was super respectful.”he added.

In the same sense, he added: “He knew that our meeting time was at the end of the day, after the games at the hotel, there for a little while to greet us. But hey, when we win he goes into the locker room there with us and comes, “He greets me. I give him my t-shirt that I had won with so he can have it, because he collected things from all the athletes.”

“He receives it, he thanks me. He tells me: ‘I’m going to keep it in a very special place, but give me the racket.’ So I also give him the racket, he took the shirt, the racket and everything that Diego wanted, it had to be delivered”revealed the 2009 US Open champion.

Will del Potro play a farewell match?

Besides, Del Potrowho closed his career at the beginning of 2022 At 33 years old, he revealed that he thinks about a tribute meeting.

“Having won a Grand Slam in the best era of the “Big 3″ (Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal) has a special value. Any victory against them was of impressive value; a Grand Slam may sound small but it is not It is. I always fought them and that is enough,” remarked the native of Tandil.

“My retirement was decided by my body. There are rumors; I would like to play a farewell game, but it has to be in good conditions. The truth is that the last game in Buenos Aires cost me a lot. That’s why I said that maybe it was the last of my career. It was very strong emotionally but it was difficult for me to move.”he added.

After the end of his career as a professional tennis player, his future is uncertain: “I like being with young people much more and being able to transmit the things I learned and the experiences to the younger ones. I like that, although at some point I may change “.

“I’m letting life surprise me. I try to do things and I ended up in a paddle tennis project or presentation activities for brands and talks,” he remarked.

“On the other hand, many people call me to help them a little with serving or to guide them in one thing or who need different collaborations in others. And that’s how I go, among other projects that I have. But letting things also And, since today I have time for a lot of those things, luckily, then I try to take advantage of it,” he concluded.

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