Rio Ave scores and goes on to beat Vitória Guimarães 2-0

Rio Ave scores and goes on to beat Vitória Guimarães 2-0

Rio Ave scores the second goal of the partial victory over Vitória G.. Joca (37′ 1T) and Emmanuel Boateng (11′ 2T) are the ones who scored for the local team.

While the visitors are ecstatic about their victory the previous day, the home team has just drawn their last game in the tournament and a game full of action is expected in both goals.

Rio Ave comes from a tied result, 1-1, against Vizela. They have a recent history of 1 victory and 3 draws in the last 4 games played, scoring 7 goals and having conceded 4.

Vitória Guimarães arrives with an advantage after defeating Boavista with a score of 1 to 0. The visitor has been defeated 1 time, has drawn 1 time and has won 2 games in recent days. In those games, he has scored 5 goals and 5 have been scored.

The home team is in twelfth place and reached 32 points (5 PG – 17 PE – 9 PP), while the visitor has achieved 60 points and is in fifth place in the championship (18 PG – 6 PE – 7 PP) .

The judge chosen to direct the match at the dos Arcos stadium was Ricardo Baixinho.

Rio Ave formation today

Coach Luís Freire arranged a 4-3-3 formation with Jhonatan between the three sticks; Patrick William, Costinha, Renato Pantalon and Aderllan Santos at the back; Mateo Tanlongo, Joca and João Graça in the midfield; and Emmanuel Boateng, Umaro Embaló and Abdul Aziz Yakubu as forwards.

Training of Vitória Guimarães today

For his part, Álvaro Pacheco enters the ring with a 4-4-2 strategy, with goalkeeper Bruno Varela; Miguel Maga, Tomás Ribeiro, Bruno Gaspar, Toni Borevkovic on the defensive wall; Manuel Silva, Tomás Händel, Tiago Silva and André André in the midfield; and Kaio César and Jota Silva up front.

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