The match between Cologne and Freiburg ended zero to zero

The match between Cologne and Freiburg ended zero to zero

Cologne and Freiburg signed a draw without opening the scoring in the match corresponding to date 32 of Germany – Bundesliga 2023-2024.

According to statistics, Colonia shot on goal more times than its rival (15): 8 on target and 7 outside. However, it was not enough to move the score in their favor.

Noah Atubolu was the figure of the match. The Freiburg goalkeeper was essential for saving 7 shots.

Another important player in the match was Eric Martel. The Cologne midfielder shot on goal 3 times.

The match was quite fought, in which the fouls began to accumulate. There were 2 reprimands: Lukas Kübler and Max Finkgrafe.

Cologne technical director Timo Schultz proposed a 4-4-2 strategy with Marvin Schwäbe in goal; Benno Schmitz, Timo Hubers, Julian Chabot and Max Finkgrafe on the defensive line; Eric Martel, Denis Huseinbasic, Faride Alidou and Linton Maina in the middle; and Jan Thielmann and Luca Waldschmidt in attack.

For their part, those led by Christian Streich stood with a 3-6-1 formation with Noah Atubolu between the three sticks; Lukas Kübler, Yannik Keitel and Manuel Gulde in defense; Ritsu Doan, Maximilian Eggestein, Lucas Höler, Christian Günter, Roland Sallai and Vincenzo Grifo at midfield; and Michael Gregoritsch up front.

Referee Sören Storks was selected to carry out the actions of the game.

On the next date Cologne will host Unión Berlin and Freiburg will play at home against Heidenheim at the Europa Park Stadion stadium.

After the match, the local team remains with 24 points and in seventeenth place in the standings. While the visit has 41 units and occupies seventh place in the tournament.

Changes in Cologne
  • 56′ 2T – Julian Jeffrey Gaston Chabot left for Dominique Heintz and Jan Thielmann for Steffen Tigges
  • 67′ 2T – Linton Maina came out for Florian Kainz
  • 83′ 2T – Faride Alidou left for Justin Diehl and Gian Luca Waldschmidt for Sargis Adamyan
Changes in Freiburg
  • 77′ 2T – Roland Sallai came out for Maximilian Philipp
  • 78′ 2T – Christian Günter came out for Jordy Makengo
  • 87′ 2T – Michael Gregoritsch came out for Chukwubuike Junior Adamu
  • 88′ 2T – Vincenzo Grifo left for Florent Muslija

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