BFC Dynamo Berlin against Energie Cottbus: Riots at the regional league game

BFC Dynamo Berlin against Energie Cottbus: Riots at the regional league game

Football became a minor matter. Criminals caused ugly scenes on the sidelines of a regional league game in Berlin. Cottbus coach Klaus-Dieter Wollitz even claims to have feared for his life. The police record speaks volumes.

The regional league football game between BFC Dynamo Berlin and Energie Cottbus was overshadowed by serious riots on Saturday. According to the Berlin police, at least 155 police officers were injured, most of them due to the use of irritant gas. 28 through attacks by criminals, eleven through pyrotechnics.

After just 30 minutes, the referee interrupted the game in the Sportforum Hohenschönhausen because Dynamo fans kept firing pyrotechnics in the direction of the visiting fan block. “At the same time, away fans masked up and went to the fence. Some away fans also climbed onto the fence. Consistent intervention by the police prevented them from climbing over the fence and initially calmed the situation,” said the Berlin police. Afterwards it remained largely quiet in the stands, Cottbus won the game 2-0 in front of 4,500 spectators.

Serious riots after a regional league game in Berlin

According to the police, the situation escalated completely after the final whistle. Both fan camps wore masks and shot at each other with pyrotechnics. Police officers and stewards were also targeted. In order to separate the two groups and prevent further crimes, emergency services moved into the spectator area. There were isolated arrests. “Shortly afterwards, an attempt was made to throw a barrier from the direction of the home fans towards the away fans, whereupon police forces used irritant gas,” the police described. “Several attempts to break through and several attempts by the fan camps to meet each other were prevented by police forces through coercive measures.” In addition to batons and gas, service dogs were also used. Two fans were injured by bites.

There was also an aggressive atmosphere in front of the stadium – according to the police, the two fan camps faced each other and wanted to attack each other. “When they met police forces (…) these fans threw bottles at police forces, tried to loosen small paving stones and threw a construction fence element at police forces.” Water cannons were used. The situation around the sports forum is said to have calmed down around two hours after the final whistle.

Cottbus coach Klaus-Dieter Wollitz said on Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk: “It is unimaginable for me in 2024 that you have to be afraid that stones will be thrown at you during the game, that you will be threatened.” He indicated that he feared for his life. BFC Dynamo officials contradicted Wollitz’s statement that stones were flying in his direction. The police initially reported no stones being thrown in the stadium – at least for the duration of the game.

In total, the police temporarily arrested or took custody of 74 people on Saturday. Officials took 62 reports, including for breaches of the peace, physical attacks on law enforcement officers, resistance, physical injuries, prisoner releases and insults. The police were on site with around 1,000 emergency services.

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