Another “madness” from Marcelo Bielsa: he called up an amateur player for the Uruguayan National Team

Another “madness” from Marcelo Bielsa: he called up an amateur player for the Uruguayan National Team

The Argentine coach from Uruguay, who revolutionized that country since his arrival, surprised everyone with his latest football decision.

The arrival of Marcelo Bielsa to Uruguay seems to have had the impact that was sought from the Federation of that country and, after consecutively defeating Brazil, Argentina and Boliviathe Sky blue It reached 13 points, placing itself in second place and demonstrating a great collective level.

He “Crazy” Without a doubt, he revolutionized everything since his arrival and is very loved by the fans of the neighboring country. With this panorama, the coach announced his latest football decision that surprised a lot inside: facing the next friendly that the Uruguayan team will play, on May 31 against Costa Rica, the coach reserved the summons of a soccer player from the interior, such as indicated in Uruguay.

Walter Dominguezscorer of Soriano Youth Athletic Institutionis the figure of the team that has just become champion of the OFI National Team Cup (Interior Football Organization) with the striker as a reference and maximum figure.

Walter Domínguez’s present, Bielsa’s surprise

In the last 19 games he played he scored 38 goals. If we add to these the six goals in the same number of games that he scored with the Fray Bentos Fútbol Club shirt and the 13 celebrations in 14 games with the national team, the record reaches 57 goals in 39 presentations for an average of 1.4 points per game.

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The player was consulted about this possibility in a talk he had with journalist Alex Martin and revealed some details: “They called me. The truth is I’m very happy. She didn’t expect it, she fell by surprise. “I just focused on scoring goals.”commented the amateur forward who, then, will be part of a team made up mostly of Uruguayan soccer players.

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