Women’s football: Alexandra Popp warns of conditions similar to men’s

Women’s football: Alexandra Popp warns of conditions similar to men’s

Women’s football has been growing for years, players can now earn good money and sign with big clubs. This doesn’t just have advantages, says national player Alexandra Popp.

National player Alexandra Popp fears that women’s football is becoming increasingly isolated and has warned of a development similar to that of the professionals in men’s sports. “The line is narrow: everyone wants to earn well, and we want to have more money in women’s football. But the downside is what that does to players,” said the 33-year-old attacker from VfL Wolfsburg before the DFB Cup final against FC Bayern Munich in an interview with “Sport Bild” (Wednesday).

Alexandra Popp: Young players are pampered

“There has been a discussion among men for years as to whether it helps their performance and commitment if everything is thrown at them. The same thing is developing in women’s football,” said Popp. “Young players are given a lot, they are courted and not criticized much,” reported the striker. “I had to do a lot for my career. That’s a good thing and should also apply to future generations.” Players could also complete administrative procedures without the help of the club and make decisions themselves. “That makes you grow up and then strengthens personalities on the pitch,” said Popp.

Even before the DFB Cup final kicks off on Thursday (4 p.m./ZDF and Sky), Popp can point to twelve title wins in the competition. Another triumph would be a record in women’s football. “Records don’t bother me, to be honest. The title itself means too much to count them like numbers,” said Popp.

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