Champions League: Wembley is waiting: This is how BVB fans get tickets

Champions League: Wembley is waiting: This is how BVB fans get tickets

The anticipation of the Dortmund fans for the premier class final in London is huge. Anyone who wants to buy tickets through the Revierclub must apply in the coming days.

After the euphorically celebrated entry into the final in Paris, many Borussia Dortmund football fans started planning their trip. One thing is already certain: tens of thousands of them will make the pilgrimage to London for the Champions League final on June 1st. But how do you get tickets? An overview:

How can I get tickets through BVB?

The Revierclub receives 25,000 tickets from UEFA. The second finalist (FC Bayern Munich or Real Madrid) also gets the same number of tickets. At BVB, all adult club members and season ticket holders can apply for tickets for the final at Wembley Stadium. Club members must have had their membership confirmed before the start of this year – meaning fans cannot join the club at short notice to get tickets. The application is open from May 8th to 12th at 11:59 p.m. The tickets will then be raffled off among the applicants. Fans should receive the result approximately two days after the end of the application period. BVB points out that everyone who applied during this period has the same opportunities. The motto “First come, first served” expressly does not apply.

How many tickets can I order and how much do they cost?

At BVB, each person can apply for a maximum of two tickets. The tickets are divided into three price categories. A card in the cheapest category costs 70.20 euros. The other price categories are 187.20 euros and 503.10 euros. If a fan wins the bid, the debit will be made in pounds. The amounts may therefore vary slightly depending on the exchange rate.

What regulations apply to fan clubs and people with disabilities?

A separate quota is available for fan clubs. The fan clubs will be informed separately about how they can obtain tickets. The ticket application process for season ticket holders and club members with disabilities takes place via the BVB’s barrier-free page.

Are there other ways to officially buy tickets?

The UEFA ticket application window has been closed since April 16th. Fans who applied for final tickets back then should have been informed by now whether they were lucky or not. There is one exception: BVB supporters who have stated that they are only interested in a ticket if their team reaches the final can still hope for a ticket. After the semi-finals, tickets from the European Football Union will be raffled off among these fans (and those of the second finalist). UEFA also offers hospitality packages with food, drinks and a supporting program. However, these cost more than 6,000 euros and are therefore probably out of the question for most fans.

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