33rd matchday: Lap of honor for Streich – 1:1 at home

33rd matchday: Lap of honor for Streich – 1:1 at home

SC Freiburg says goodbye to head coach Christian Streich after more than twelve years. He can’t celebrate a victory in his last appearance in his own stadium.

Christian Streich retreated to the dugout, lost in thought. The 58-year-old sat there in the background for minutes after the 1-1 (1-1) draw against 1. FC Heidenheim in his last home game as Bundesliga coach of SC Freiburg. “Christian Streich, Christian Streich, Christian Streich, you are the best man,” echoed from the stands on this extraordinarily emotional Saturday afternoon.

When Streich got up and went to the center circle to say goodbye, it became loud. “You have to say, you have shaped an era like very few before you,” said sports director Jochen Saier. “All I can do is bow down,” Saier added: “We will never forget you.”

During the 2011/2012 winter break, Streich was promoted to head coach. After a total of 29 years in various functions at SC, the final end will come next Saturday at 1. FC Union Berlin, when Streich wants to crown the season with the third European Cup participation in a row with the Breisgauers.

“Another final for Europe next week”

He wanted to “thank you very much” for everything, said Streich with the microphone in his hand on the lawn: “I would like to thank all the people who supported me in the club, who were lenient with me,” said Streich, whose long-time co- Coach Patrick Baier was also said goodbye. The coach then went to the fans, took off his imaginary hat and then went on the lap of honor, hugging a fan who was initially held up by stewards.

“It was very nice, but I’m disappointed because we haven’t won another game where there can only be one winner,” Streich said on Sky: “But it’s not over, we have another final next week about Europe.”

Ritsu Doan (29th minute) initially increased the festive mood in the stadium, which was sold out with 34,700 spectators. But Heidenheim’s Kevin Sessa equalized for the newcomers, who were surprisingly strong this season (38′). The Freiburg team failed to end their winless streak in the eighth home game in a row. As seventh in the table, the Baden team can still hope for international competition. Frank Schmidt’s Heidenheimers kept them at a distance with a three-point lead.

Even before kick-off, pictures from the past twelve years flashed across the screens as a thank you to Streich. “Thank you Christian and Patrick for all the years full of passion, attitude and humility,” said a banner that the fans hung in the corner at the end in honor of Streich and his assistant coach Baier. “I think he got the farewell he deserved,” said midfielder Maximilian Eggestein.

The winning goal wasn’t going to happen

At the press conference, Streich tried to ignore his impending departure and dismiss it as “uninteresting”. Even out of self-protection, he doesn’t allow his feelings to appear yet, as he explained before the game started. “I’ve built a little box inside of me and everything goes in there. Otherwise you won’t be able to do it,” said Streich. “Otherwise it goes up and down, then you’re emotionally exhausted, it’s too much.” If everything turns out positive in the end, “we’ll go home and cry.”

The 58-year-old then gestured in his typical manner on the sidelines one last time in his own stadium. Shouted, directed, scolded and clapped for successful actions. Despite all the enthusiasm of his team, it was clear that they wanted to dedicate one last home win to him. Streich took Doan’s 1-0 header calmly, at least outwardly. The fans’ joy was briefly dampened a little later when Sessa took advantage of a gap in the Freiburg defense to equalize.

After the break, the sports club continued to fight for the desired victory, and the hosts had plenty of opportunities. On this particular afternoon the decisive goal was not achieved. “We really wanted to win, also for the coach,” Grifo regretted.

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