Christian Streich: Great emotions and a speedster at the farewell game

Christian Streich: Great emotions and a speedster at the farewell game

Christian Streich leaves his coaching position at SC Freiburg. Club and fans mourn. At the farewell game in Freiburg they celebrate their “best man” – even from the opposing side there is standing applause.

Christian Streich leaves the big football stage and says goodbye to the Bundesliga bubble. A legend is not just for SC Freiburg fans. At his last appearance as coach at the home game on Saturday, he was celebrated by an emotional audience. After the game, Streich showed once again why he will be so deeply missed by football fans – and once again proved his human greatness.

The players had actually promised him a win. They owe it to the coach, Michael Gregoritsch had said in advance. Streich himself, on the other hand, downplayed his own role that day in a conversation with a “Sky” reporter before the game. The players should concentrate on the goal of the European Cup. In any case, everything continues as before. Only a few thousand people watched the public training last week. Things were different a few years ago. “And I got a few presents that I was very happy about,” he said.

Heidenheim, however, gave Streich no gift. In the end it was only a 1-1 draw for him in the farewell game in Freiburg. But a lot of emotions.

Christian Streich has conquered the hearts of football Germany

Because Streich has long since achieved cult status in Freiburg. He has been the coach there since 2012 and has made the team a successful team. But he is not only admired for that, but above all for his modest, reserved manner and his humanity. The fans showed how much he is valued by singing his praises after the final whistle of the game. “Christian Streich, you are the best man,” was the tone that rang through the stadium. A giant prank cardboard cutout was pulled up. The team donned shirts with the message “You’ll never go all the way.” There was even a standing ovation from the opposing team and the fans.

But Streich wouldn’t be Streich if that went to his head. Instead, he appeared almost embarrassed by so much attention when he finally reached for the microphone. If they couldn’t win a home game, then he would prefer it if that happened against Heidenheim, he said. He doesn’t want to say much, just “thank you very much”: “I would like to thank all the people who supported me in the club. Who were lenient with me, who also looked the other way when it wasn’t correct on my part. I thank you for everything, for the wonderful games, for your love and closeness to the club.”

It was on Streich’s lap of honor when a fan storming onto the pitch tried to get very close to him, but was rudely intercepted by a steward. Streich had a heart for the speedster, helped the crying fan, saved him from the security forces and made sure that he also got his fans scarf back. Afterwards he even gave him a comforting hug. A moment emblematic of the Streich era.

Next week, Christian Streich will finally say goodbye to the pitch and the Bundesliga. The last game of the season against Union Berlin will also be his last as a coach. But the fans probably won’t have to do without him completely. “It won’t be the last time I meet the fans because I live here. I also belong to this club to a small extent,” he said to “Sky” after the game. “I don’t have the feeling that I’m leaving now. I wasn’t a coach in China and now I’m going to Germany and living there. I’m at home here.”

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