Thomas Tuchel and FC Bayern Munich are probably negotiating a new contract

Thomas Tuchel and FC Bayern Munich are probably negotiating a new contract

There are signs of a spectacular turnaround in Bayern’s search for a coach: Will Thomas Tuchel still be the coach? He will set conditions for further cooperation.

It was as if Thomas Tuchel wanted to set things straight and send a farewell signal to Uli Hoeneß. He recently criticized Tuchel for allegedly not being able to develop young players. It was one of those erratic interjections from the honorary president that tend to cause unrest among Bayern. Tuchel had understandably reacted to the accusations (“I feel like my coaching honor has been violated”).

Now, in the last home game of the season against VfL Wolfsburg, Tuchel let the youth loose. The young talents Lovro Zvonarek (19 years old) and Bryan Zaragoza (22) were in the starting line-up for the first time alongside the already established young professionals Mathys Tel (19) and Aleksandar Pavolovic (20). During the game, Matteo Perez-Vinlöf (18) and Jonathan Asp Jespen (18) made their Bundesliga debuts. Tuchel may have thought that he couldn’t make young players better. The safe 2-0 victory, thanks in part to a goal from Zvonarek, rounded things off for everyone involved.

Thomas Tuchel recently seemed at peace with himself

Tuchel seemed at peace with himself at the press conference after the game, even though he was responsible for the first titleless season in twelve years. He sat there knowing that he would be leaving Munich again after 15 months. That the club’s problems are no longer his and the FC Bayern chapter is closed for him. That’s what people still thought on Sunday. Ultimately, club officials decided in February to end their collaboration with the 50-year-old in the summer.

That was only three days ago, but since then things have taken a turn for the worse in an absolutely crazy way. Tuchel could end up benefiting from a development that has never happened before in the Bundesliga. A coach is given the run-off by his club, who may then change his mind four months later. Because apparently sports director Max Eberl is actually working on convincing Tuchel to stay. At least that’s what various media outlets have consistently reported. Both sides are currently supposed to be sitting together.

What also didn’t happen before: FC Bayern received a lot of rejections from possible coaching candidates. Xabi Alonso, Julian Nagelsmann and Ralf Rangnick have canceled the club for different reasons. Most recently, sports director Max Eberl wanted to lure Oliver Glasner from Premier League club Crystal Palace to Munich. That didn’t work because Glasner had only been in the English service since February and they didn’t want to let him go.

Bayern professionals should be for Tuchel

That’s why a solution to the personnel dilemma is coming into view, which has so far been dismissed as the crazy idea of ​​clever people: Why not just hold on to Tuchel? That would be the simplest solution! After all, Tuchel has a contract until 2025. If he doesn’t find a new club, Bayern would have to pay his salary for another year anyway. He can stay there the same.

One reason for the change of course is that important players are now in favor of further cooperation. Thomas Müller and Manuel Neuer allegedly personally spoke to the bosses and advertised for the coach. The “Süddeutsche Zeitung” claims to have learned from conversations with professionals that “80 percent of the players” are behind Tuchel. Eberl and sports director Christoph Freund are also considered supporters of Tuchel’s solution after Glasner cannot be obtained.

Tuchel apparently wants a new contract

A few problems remain: Apparently Tuchel only wants to continue if he gets a new contract that runs beyond 2025. That is understandable. With the old working paper expiring next year, Tuchel would run the risk of being labeled as a temporary solution until a Xabi Alonso might be available. There is also said to be resistance on the supervisory board against a new contract like against Tuchel’s personnel. As is well known, Uli Hoeneß, who was the last to approach the coach (see above), sits there as a simple member.

And one more thing: If Tuchel actually stayed in Munich, he would basically be the fifth choice. Does he really want that? One can assume that the self-confident coach sets conditions. This time Bayern probably wouldn’t be able to avoid providing him with the players he wants, for example the much-vaunted “holding six”. Based on past experiences, Tuchel will think carefully about whether he can rely on the leadership. The reason why the season remained titleless was that the transfer task force formed last year, which included Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and Uli Hoeneß, among others, had provided Tuchel with a very small squad. This should definitely work better this time.

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