Boxing: Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk will unify the 4 world heavyweight titles

Boxing: Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk will unify the 4 world heavyweight titles

The combat between Tyson Fury35 years old, and Oleksandr Usyk37 years old, for the unification of the world belts in the heavyweight boxing category, on Saturday in Riyadh, Saudi Arabiarepresents a “plus” for the English champion, recognized as the “Gypsy King”.

The fight was initially scheduled for February 17 in the capital of Saudi Arabiabut had to be postponed due to an eye injury suffered by Tyson Fury. The latter holds the world title WBCwhile Usyk has the belts WBA, IBF and OMB.

The last heavyweight to have unified the world titles of the different boxing federations was the British Lennox Lewisin the year 2000.


The winner of Saturday’s fight will be the first to hold the title of world champion from four different boxing federations (Lennox Lewis I only had three), but Fury appreciates having already met its objective in that regard as well.

“My goal was to be undefeated heavyweight world champion and defeat Wladimir Klitschko. Everything else is a plus”he assured. “After having beaten Klitschko (in 2015), I didn’t even want to continue boxing”Fury added.

At that time he took a two-year hiatus. “I climbed my Everest, I fulfilled at once the two great goals of my life: beating Klitschko and becoming world champion”continued the British.

“I had nothing more to prove and I told myself: ‘If I come back, I want to accumulate as much money as possible and enjoy every moment’. And that’s exactly what I’ve done.”he added.

“Becoming undisputed world champion by unifying the belts would be a plus and I take it without a problem. In the same way that I would take a million dollars if they gave it to me”Fury added. “But I don’t expect that, I’ve never expected to be in this position.”

The difference in Saturday’s fight will be the historic opportunity to win all the championship belts. ““There are so many belts at stake and nothing competes with that.”he claimed Fury last month in direct contradiction to his latest statements.

“It’s the fight of the era, nothing can compare to that. Not a fight show, not a crossover fight, not boxing on YouTube, nothing”he sentenced.

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