The second half of the tie at 0 between Talleres (RE) and Güemes (SE) is played

The second half of the tie at 0 between Talleres (RE) and Güemes (SE) is played

The referee whistles the start of the complement at the Pablo Comelli stadium. So far, Güemes (SE) and Talleres do not have an advantage and neither opened the scoring.

The visiting team comes motivated to this match after a victory in their previous game. Their opponent will look for a better result after being defeated in their last match in the championship.

Talleres (RE) could not beat Alvarado at the José María Minella. His results have been varied: he has won 1 game, 2 were drawn and he has lost 1. In those last games, he scored 4 goals and managed to score 2 against his rivals.

Güemes (SE) beat Quilmes 1-0 on the previous date. In recent duels, they have drawn 2 and lost 2, with 4 goals in the opponent’s goal and 6 in their own goal.

Juan Loustau was the referee chosen for the match at the Pablo Comelli stadium.

Workshop Training (RE) today

Martín Rolón chose a 4-4-2 alignment with Damian Tello in goal; Fernando Duré, Luciano Sánchez, Nicolás Malvacio and Patricio Romero in defense; Alejandro Benítez, Norberto Palmieri, Fernando Enrique and Tomás Asprea in the middle; and Rodrigo Cao and Nicolás Molina up front.

Formation of Güemes (SE) today

For his part, Marcelo Vázquez presented a 5-4-1 tactical scheme with goalkeeper Juan Mendonca; Cristian Broggi, Emir Faccioli, Federico López, Alexis Ríos, David Veliz on the defensive wall; Walter Juárez, Lautaro Belleggia, Gonzalo Papa and Sebastián Carruega in the center of the field; and Claudio Vega as forward.

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