Estudiantes (BA) went over Alvarado with a double from Jonathan Berón

Estudiantes (BA) went over Alvarado with a double from Jonathan Berón

On date 16 of Argentina – First National Championship 2024, Estudiantes achieved an overwhelming 4-0 victory against Alvarado and Jonathan Berón contributed two goals. A bulky scoreboard reflected the clear superiority of Walter Otta’s team, demonstrating overwhelming offensive power with Jonathan Berón’s double. The forward contributed two great goals from play in the 10th and 20th minutes of the second half. The victory was also possible due to the appearance of Elías Contreras, with a shot at minute 7′ 1T, and Matías Lugo, after finishing during the first half (40′ 1T).

Jonathan Berón’s performance positioned him as the most outstanding player of the match. The forward from Estudiantes (BA) showed his best level by scoring 2 goals and finishing twice into the opponent’s goal.

Elías Contreras also played a good game. The Estudiantes (BA) midfielder scored 1 goal.

The match had several reprimands: Nicolás Fernández, Gonzalo Lamardo, Nicolas Ortiz and Lucas Rebecchi.

Estudiantes strategist Walter Otta stopped the starting eleven with a 3-5-2 formation with Matías Budiño in goal; Valentín Perales, Nicolás Fernández and Jorge Benítez on the defensive line; Fernando Miranda, Mariano del Col, Matías Lugo, Enzo Acosta and Elías Contreras in the middle; and Jonathan Berón and Franco Fagundez in the attack.

For their part, those chosen by Mauricio Giganti took the field with a 4-4-2 formation with Juan Manuel Lungarzo between the three sticks; Alan Robledo, Lucas Monzón, Mariano Bettini and Nicolas Ortiz in defense; Nery Leyes, Matías Mansilla, Gonzalo Lamardo and Guillermo Sánchez in the midfield; and Oscar Belinetz and Tomás Rambert up front.

Lucas Comesaña was appointed as the main referee of the match at the Ciudad de Caseros stadium.

On the next day, Estudiantes will face Güemes (SE) as a visitor and Alvarado will play the home game against Chacarita.

Changes in Students (BA)
  • 67′ 2T – Franco Fagundez Acosta left for Lautaro Lusnig and Enzo Acosta for Ignacio Vallejos
  • 72′ 2T – Nicolás Fernández left for Tomás Bacas and Jonathan Alessandro Berón for Iván Darío Sandoval
  • 77′ 2T – Elías Contreras came out for Enzo Luna
Changes in Alvarado
  • 45′ 2T – Matías Alberto Mansilla left for Guido Nahuel Vadalá and Lucas Monzón for Agustín Ignacio Aleo
  • 58′ 2T – Alan Robledo left for Emiliano Bogado, Tomás Rambert for Tomás Fernández and Oscar Héctor Belinetz for Lucas Gabriel Rebecchi

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