Bayer 04 Leverkusen: “Immortalized in history”: Werkself with a historic year

Bayer 04 Leverkusen: “Immortalized in history”: Werkself with a historic year

It was a season of records for Bayer Leverkusen. And that shouldn’t be the end – the champions want the triple.

They celebrated a historic season in Leverkusen’s party stronghold, the BayArena. A whole season without defeat is something not even FC Bayern achieved in their best times. And so Leverkusen’s first championship title was something very special for former world and European champion Xabi Alonso.

“This team has immortalized itself in history. Something like this is an exception not only in Germany, but in Europe,” said the Basque: “In Spain there has never been a team that has remained unbeaten. We remember Arsenal before 20 years. And in 20 years we will look back and say: We did it back then.” Team leader Granit It was also a season of records.

Leverkusen broke these records this season

In addition to invincibility, Bayer has broken several national and continental records. Like Stuttgart, they became the first team in Bundesliga history to improve by 40 points compared to the previous season. With 51 competitive games without defeat from the start of the season, they have improved a European record set by Benfica Lisbon in 1965 (49). In addition, there are many records at intermediate stages and numerous club records. Leverkusen have never won more wins (28) and more points (90) in a season, scored more goals (89), conceded fewer goals (24), managed more wins in a row (10) or managed more games without conceding a goal (16). The Werkself also became the second team in history to not give up a point after taking the lead.

Mastery from your own strengths

The longer FC Bayern’s championship streak lasted, the more often the saying came up within the Bundesliga: If Bayern weaken, someone has to be there. But that wasn’t the reason for Leverkusen’s championship coup. Bayern had a chaotic year, but they even scored one point more than in the previous championship year. Nevertheless, they have 18 points less than Bayer. “You can’t say that it’s because Bayern are having a bad season,” said Robert Andrich: “Stuttgart also had an incredible season in terms of points. But we played a better one.” Xhaka spoke of a “brilliant season”: “We deserve a lot of respect. We had the hunger to fight, to run and to fight from matchday 1 to 34.” Coach Alonso also praised: “We didn’t play a completely bad game. At most one half. But then with a good reaction.”

That’s why captain Lukas Hradecky gave the bowl to the fan corner

The Finn said that it was “immediately clear” to him in advance. It was a thank you for how the fans supported the club not only in this successful season, but especially during the crash at the beginning of the season before last. “I still remember what happened two years ago. How they pushed us and stood behind us. I won’t forget anything like that,” said Hradecky. When the bowl was no longer visible in the hustle and bustle of fans, “I was scared for a moment,” he admitted with a laugh: “But they all treated it with respect. They handled it better than I did with the ball.”

That’s why the Leverkusen team was only allowed to celebrate at a slow pace

The Bundesliga season is over, but Leverkusen still have two finals to play in the Europa League on Wednesday and the cup on Saturday. He wanted to “take a sauna first, then go party,” said Hradecky around an hour and a half after the final whistle with a beer in his hand. The team also met afterwards for a small celebration. “But everyone is professional enough to understand that you can’t do it until six in the morning,” said the captain. Jonas Hofmann explained: “I believe and hope that everyone knows their limits.” Xhaka was sure of that: “I would be lying if I said we wouldn’t have one, two, three drinks. But on Wednesday we want to win the next trophy.” The big season-ending party with the fans takes place on Sunday after the cup final.

Championship trophy as motivation

Regardless of alcohol consumption, the emotions after the bowl handover should motivate Bayer rather than let them breathe. “Those were scenarios that you’ve only ever seen on television. Now we’ve experienced it ourselves,” said Andrich: “And there are still two titles to win. We were very, very excited about that before. But now after this one Maybe a little more throughout the ceremony.”

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